Cat Translator App How to get Meow Talk App

Cat Translator App is a good example that developers are constantly being creative with what they develop. This app helps you to understand what your cat is saying. Pretty cool right? The real name of this app is the Meow Talk App.

What is Cat Translator App

As mentioned above using this app you can understand what your cat is saying for trying to say. This app utilizes machine learning to translate your cat’s language instantly.

However, currently, only nine intents of cats are supported. Well, this directly means that Meow Talk App is still under development.

At the begining you will have to train the app’s AI so it will understand your cat properly. Simply put you will have to feed some phrases of you cat which you already know of.

After giving the app enough data it will recognize the meaning of the meows of your cat. (For ex: food, let me out, I want water, etc). So this lets you be your cat’s translator.

If you have multiple cats at your place you can create a profile for each cat and train the AI.

How to Get Meow Talk App

Now you can download Meow Talk App aka Cat Translator App directly from official Android play store and Apple App store. Following are the direct links.

App Tutorial from the developer

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