Elf cam app, How to get Santa Spy Cam?

Christmas is almost here. So you better have your Elf cam app ready to catch Santas at work. Yea! you read correctly, using this app you will be able to catch Elves aka who are working for Santa!

What is Elf Cam App?

Normally, most of the kids stay up till 12 midnight to catch Santas. At least we did stay will 12 midnight to catch elves at work. However, in the present the children are more technologically advanced, They prefer to record their December nights to catch the Santa.

This is mostly because as adults we have always rumored kids that Santa is real and he is coming to deliver gifts to “good kids” on December night. So some kids might not believe this at once. They need proof. So using Elf Cam App you will be able to give these so-called Proofs.

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How does Santa Spy Cam Works?

Actually, we all know Elves are a myth. (Well, at least I do, please change my mind!)

Elf Cam App will turn on your camera and record the nights as usual. But the trick is while recording the App itself will add some AR Elves into the footage. Trust me this looks legit.

This is enough to convince your kids that Santas are real and they are working hard to deliver gifts to the so-called “Good, nice kids”. So this is how Santa Spy Cam works.

Download Elf Cam App

Following are the official Google Android Play Store and Apple App Store download links for the APP, so you won’t need APK versions.

Some Reviews

“I recommend this product absolutely! I have three young kids of my own, and I educate the first class. I never saw so many children coming into the spirit of Christmas! I have downloaded the whole app and it’s worth it! Many teachers and parents have approached me and asked me how they would “catch” their own elves! I read the other reviews… the experience (knock on wood!) I did not have. So happy! Very happy!”

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