How to get Parler App for Android

So recently, I was browsing the internet and suddenly realized that there is an app named the Parler app. So I decided to do some research on it and find out whether I can get Parler App for Android.

Yes, you can use Parler App on your Android device. Following is the full tutorial.

What is Parler App?

The slogan of this app is “Read News, Speak Free”. This suggests us that you can express your ideas with out any limitations using this app. Simply put it is a social media platform focused on protecting peoples’ or users’ rights.

Using this app you have the capability of creating your own community and your friends to it.

Then you can post any kind of news on that community and read news in real time. As the administrator of the community you have the capability of filtering and moderating the community or your group.


  • All kind of news can be viewed including Sports, Entertainment and politics.
  • React to official statements from cetain authorities.
  • Ability to post GIFs, photos, images etc.
  • Debate features
  • Follow people and identify who followed you.
  • Respond or reply to comments.

As you can understand Parler App is very similar to a Social Media platform.

Parler App for Android

It is very easy to download Parler App for Android. You don’t even need to download the APK version. You can directly download it from the official Android play store. Following is the direct link to download the Parler App.

I hope now you are clear on how to use App on Android. if you have any questions please comment below.


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