Clipit app, Make money by reviewing products!

Clipit app is for everyone who wants to make some quick cash by reviewing products. This app was released on July 21, 2019, by publisher Clipit App S.L. Recently this app became viral after several tweets published by famous YouTubers. However, still, people are confused about this app. That’s why I decided to write this article explaining what is this app and how to use it.

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What is Clipit app?

As I mentioned above this app is used to review products. Unlike, other apps this app actually pays you for your reviews. Also using this app you can identify what are the favorite products of your friends.

Simply put you have to install the app. Then select a product from the catalog. After this, you can create a short video reviewing the goods. So if people buy the product after watching your video Clipit App will pay you a commission.

Also you can use this app as a customer. You can watch “Real” and honoest reviews of products and purchase your favourite goodies.

Even you people are able to comment of the reviews and ask questions of the item.

Download App

Fortuanately this app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Following are the App store and Play store links to the app.

Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions drop a comment below.

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