Finger on the App by Mr Beast, how to download? Where is the Android version??

Where is Finger on the App for Android users? Well, I would love to ask this simple question from developers. This actually makes me sad that this challenge is not available for Android users.

Finger on the app is another brand new app that is supported by Mr. Beast. As we all know Mr. Beast is a popular youtube icon. He always tends to host challenges and give a chunk of money for the people who complete those.

This YouTuber is well known since he always giving away big amounts of money to his friends, sometimes strangers. However this time he has decided to invite the whole world for his new game! So get ready!!

To do this recently he decided to partner up with MSCHF to give away up to $25,000 prize for winners of Finger on the App challenge.

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What is this new Mrbeast App?

As I mentioned above this is another new challenge by Mr.Beast. He is willing to pay a huge cash prize to whoever completes this challenge.

Basically what you have do is download the app then keep your finger in your mobile device as long as you. However, the game starts on 30 June. So you have plenty of time to practice.

Following is a detailed guide on how to go this challenge.

How to download Finger on the app for Android and iOS?

Unfortunately, as I said this app is only available for iOS. You can find the official download link above. The first step is to download and install Mr beast finger on the app.

How to do Finger on the app challenge?

First of all, you need to be a Resident of the United State of America. You have to download the app from the above link and install it.

Now open the app and register for a new account. You will have to give your mobile number and confirm it.

Then you can directly play the game. However to do the challenge you have to wait till June 30.

Till that time you can use the practice mode. It will train for perfectly and teach you how to complete the game.

As I mentioned it is NOT possible to get this app for Android.

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Is Finger on the app available for Android?

No. There is no way to download this app to your android mobile. But….

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