Claire 419er Snapchat, what is this?

Claire 419er Snapchat is another popular term when it comes to the internet. So many people were asking me what is the actual meaning of this phrase. That’s why I decided to create this article explaining the situation.

Before jumping on to the real meaning lets look into what does 419er mean. I did some google search and found that this phrase means “Nigerian scammer” It is actually a short word for 419 scammers. That’s what I found in Wikipedia.

Trust me above has nothing to do with the real meaning of Claire 419er Snapchat.

What is claire_419er video

It is actually an after-party video posted by a user called Clair on Snapchat. It’s actually somewhat related to a party in BRIXTON. This video is 9 minutes long. Since it is recorded using a low-quality camera at night we are not able to see the whole thing properly.

According to UK Content Curator on youtube there was a fight between between the police and protestors policing the block party in Brixton. Even people even got injured. However this Clair person was able to record the whole thing.

You can find more information on this BRIXTON BLOCK PARTY FOOTAGE  and the video on Dailymail.

I hope everyone understood what Claire 419er Snapchat means. If you have any questions please comment below.

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