Randonaut app, What is it? How to use it?

Randonaut app is for everyone who loves to step into the unknown. Well, in this case, the unknown are the places you have not visited before. Actually it is very hard to understand what is the concept behind this app. However, after some research, I was able to figure out what is Randonauting, how to do it, and what is the relationship with the app. I decided the write this article since so many people are already confused about what is this concept. Hopefully, this post will give you an idea.

What is Randonaut app?

Let me walk through the concept first. According to Reddit Randonauting means exploring unknown places given by a Quantum Random number generator. Confused?

Let me breakdown this.

When you download the App, you can generate a random location. This location is built up with 100% randomized numbers. For example +12.21554,-58.1555. All these numbers are randomly autogenerated by a quantum machine in a university.

After getting this location you have to add it to your google or apple maps. Then you have to travel there and explore it. That is the whole idea. So I hope you got a basic idea What is the Randonautica App.

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How to use this app?

First you have to download this app using below buttons.

Then you have to open the app and register by creating an account. After this, you have to accept their terms and conditions. However, make sure that you read it thoroughly and accept it.

Now you have to set your radius. Using this you can limit how far your random location can be.

Randonaut app setting radius
Randonaut app setting radius

Now you can to send your location to the app. Click on the map icon on botton left of the screen.

Then it will ask what kind of a quantum point you need. Actually you can select anything you like. However, if you want to be more thorough you can watch the below video and understand.

Then you have to select your intenctions. Why you want to travel there? (for peace, love etc)

After this you will get your random location which is inside your given radius. Copy this location and view it on your map. So you can travel there!

Is Randonautica app Safe?

Actually people are still argiving over this. The thing is this app tells you to go to unkown strange places you have never visisted before. Thats is the dangerious part of this app. We don’t know whether someone is living in that location. Well, it might be some ground but we don’t know what kind of a ground is it?

On the other hand, this app is giving a 100% randomized location. So no one can predict that you are going to this place at this time. Also, you can visit that place with some of your friends.

Still I think this app is not on the safe side yet.

After this Alki beach human remains found in the west Seattle situation I think people need to be very cautious when using this app. As I mentioned we don’t know what we might find in our locations.

Randonautica stories

So many strange Randonautica stories are being shared on the internet right now. This Alki beach human remains found in west Seattle situation made people come front with their experiences. Following is a perfect example of one of these randonauts app stories.

I had a bad Randonautica experience from r/nosleep

Thank you for reading my article if you loved it please share it among your friends. Also be careful when you are using Randonautica App.

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