FLIR App for Android and iOS take Thermal Photos

FLIR app for Android can be used to take thermal imaging photos from your mobile. This FLIR one app with turn your phone into a thermal Camera. The company FLIR systems released this mobile application for both iOS and Android users on Jun 15, 2015. Even though the app is a bit old now it is still one of the popular apps we use. That’s why I decided to write this post on how to download the FLIR app.

Things you need before downloading FLIR APP.

  • Android Play Store or Apple iOS App Store account.
  • FLIR Device

Unfortunately to turn your phone in to thermal camera using this app you need to have a compatible FLIR device. For example, you can use FLIR ONE Pro. Well, don’t blame me now. This device cost around 500$. However, this thermal camera will help you to create a proper heat map of any background. This is very useful to detect water leaks and HVAC problems.

If you have a FLIR device just keep reading!

Download FLIR app for android and iOS

Since the FLIR app is available for both Android and iOS, at this time you won’t need to download FLIR One app APK. You can just use the following official links to download FLIR app directly from store.

FLIR App for Android

FLIR App for iPhone

How to use FLIR App

1. First, download the app using the above link.

2. After installation is finished open the APP.

3. Now, plugin the FLIR device you have.

4. Give a second till it connects.

5. Now you can capture thermal images using FLIR app.


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