Snapchat Story Games for more fun!

Snapchat Story games are for the people who are already enjoying Snapchat. Especially if you have many friends on Snapchat it is always cool to start a Snap games once a while. Normally in these Snapchat Story games, you will be asking several personal questions from your Snapchat followers, friends. And they can answer you either replying to your story or posting answers on their wall and tagging you. However, best practice is to reply to your Story game. Following are some trendy Snapchat games.

snapchat poll story
snapchat poll story

In this Snapchat story, you will be asking the following questions from your followers. You can copy-paste the following questions to your Snapchat Story.

Have you ever wanted me?

Want me now?

Ever had me?

Think you can pull me?

Wanna be friends?

Wanna text?

In this Snapchat story game, you can expect Yes or No answers. Actually it is pretty exciting to post a story like this and waiting for answers.

Snapchat story games
Snapchat story games 2

This Snapchat story poll even has colors in it for more attractiveness. There are following questions in it.

Cute or Fine? (Participants has to say whether you are cute or OKayish)

Date or Talk?

Would you take me back?

If I wanted you can I have you?

Do you regret meeting me?

Do you miss me?

Ever hated me?

Ever Made you mad?

Ever had a crush on me?

Following is a different kind of Snapchat game Story.

snapchat story quiz
snapchat story quiz

Unlink other questionnaire stories in here we are telling our participants to select a matching pair for themselves. For example, someone can say that I may seem Dull, but I’m Bright. So basically he is saying that even though he/she looks dull when it comes to their behavior they are very bright.

Likewise, even you can create some questions and start your own Snapchat question story trend! Actually you can find more ideas from Pinterest

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