Harry Potter Snapchat filter & Lens

Harry Potter Snapchat filter is for all the Harry Potter fans in the world. Even though the movie series ended a long time ago no one can forget how amazing Harry Potter was. Recently Harry potter Snapchat lens went viral after some people made some cosplays. However, some people still don’t have a clear idea of how to enable and use the Harry Potter filter on Snapchat. Hence I decided to create this post on it. Also if you are a Jumanji fan check out our Jumanji Snapchat filter.

What is Harry Potter Filter App in Snapchat?

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to explain to you who is Harry Potter. :D. For those who don’t have a single idea about who is this Harry Potter, you can just visit Wikipedia and learn more. In this Snapchat lens, you will be adding Harry Potter glasses and the famous scar to your face. Actually this is very cool than it sounds. Trust me this Harry Potter filter lens will work for any face. While there are many Harry potter lenses for Snapchat we selected the best available lens so far. If you find a better one please comment below.

Harry Potter Snapchat filter
Harry Potter Snapchat filter

Things you need to have before using Harry Potter lens

  • SnapChat App
  • Snapchat Account

How to Get Harry Potter Filter on Snapchat

Option 1.

Scan the following Harry Potter Snapchat Code AKA Snapcode using your Snapchat app.

To do this open Snapchat app and take a photo of the Yellow Snapcode.

Harry potter lens snapcode
Harry potter lens snapcode

Option 2

Click on the following link to directly open the filter on your Snapchat. (For this you need to browse this website using mobile.)

Option 3

1. Open Snapchat Application on your Mobile phone.
2. Click on Search Bar (Assuming you are already logged in to your Snapchat account.)
3. Search for the terms ” Harry Potter “.

4. Scroll down to lenses and find  Harry Potter by Tom Scanlan.

5. Tap on Harry Potter Filter. Try Lens.

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