Lollipop App, How to get the scary zoom game?

Lollipop App is one of the most searched scary games this week. So I decided to write a quick article which includes for information about this horror game.

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What is Lollipop game on Zoom?

I hope you are familiar with moves like host and Unfriended. If you recall this movies correctly you can understand that those are horror movie which show us how dangerous online world can be. Also above movies represent that why you should not share vital personal information on the internet.

Lollipop game on Zoom (or takethislollipop) is an interactive short movie. Interactive means you can actually change the movie’s timeline by the choices you make. Take This Lollipop 2 is a sequel to a 2011 similar-name Facebook app that has been used by users to create a horror film star — the victim of the stallion played by Bill Oberst Jr. The title refers to the song “Please Little Girl, Take This Lollipop,” from 1963, as well as the well-worn advice not to take strangers’ sweets. Well, that’s about Lollipop App.

How to play Lollipop horror game?

Actually it is very easy to play Lollipop Zoom game. You just need a webcam, mic, and a computer which and access internet.

Whenever you are ready to step in to scary side of zoom open  Take This Lollipop link. It will open a website with blue icon. What you have to do is click on the following Lollipop image on the website.

lollipop app zoom
lollipop app zoom

Now the game will start and you have to enable you webcam and your mic. Then enjoy? Also keep in mind before going through “take this lolipop zoom” app you are enabling you webcam and it might get recorded.

Lollipop App – Summary

I hope now you are clear with what is Lollipop Zoom Game and whether it is a scary app.

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