Magic Moments App, 2020 Alternatives to Create Custom Printed Stuff.

Magic Moments App is an app that let you take photographs of things you love and create an awesome tangible product using it. Basically using this app people were able to capture photos of beautiful scenes, animal or loved ones and print those pictures on T-Shirts, Mugs, iPhone mobile cases, etc. Also at that time these people were working on a  first-ever mobile social marketplace which allowed iPhone users to sell their own products. If you love these kinds of app check out Dazz Camera App.

Simple all you had to do was photograph some awesome snap, print those on trendy products such as Mugs and T-shirts. After that Magic Moments App users were able to share their own products on social media and sell the product. According to the product category they were able to earn a commission. Due to these unique functions those days this app was very famous.

Is Magic Moments App dead?

Even though, I could not find a proper statement Magic Moments App no longer exists on the Apple App Store. This App mysteriously vanished from the world. There is no statement about it even on their Twitter Page. So I’m pretty sure that you are not able to use this app anymore. If you came here looking to download this app I’m so sorry to deliver you the bad news. Let’s just hope that one day they will re-release the Magic Moments App.

Following are the creators on this app.

  • Trevor George | CEO
  • Blake George | Co-Founder
  • Sanford Nelson | Co-Founder, Business Development
  • Josh Wingstrom | Chief Technology Officer

Alternatives to the APP: Printify

Please keep in mind the Magic Moments App was released in 2013. Hence I’m pretty sure they had limited capabilities. Since we are living in 2020 there are many better alternatives to this app. Even though, you can directly compare them will Moments App I will discuss one website. Using this website you can upload your own photos or arts, create products like T-shirts, Mugs and sell them online.

This new App is called Printify. Using Printify you can upload your own artworks and create new awesome products. The following is a list of products they have.

  • Men’s T-shirts
  • Women’s T-shirts
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
  • Socks
  • Phone-cases
  • Blankets
  • Pet Clothes
Magic Moments Alternative : Printify
Magic Moments Alternative : Printify

Printify is actually more user-friendly and advanced than Magic Moments App. I invite all of you to try it and give me some feedback on whether you loved it. Also if you have any questions regarding Printify comment below.

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