Checking Group In SAP SD

What is Checking group in SAP SD? When it comes to Sales & Distribution in SAP availability of material is vital. To check the availability we need to have a scope of the check. We can create a Scope of heck by combining a checking group and a checking rule. Basically check group is used … Read more

Sap SD Organizational Structure Complete Guide

SD Organizational Structure

Introduction This article introduces sap sd Organizational Structure. We will take an Example company called ABC, Inc. After going through this article you will be able to describe sap sales and distribution organizational structure. If this your first time reading an SAP-related article I strongly suggest you to go through What is SAP Software. Business … Read more

What is SAP Software Updated Complete Overview

What is SAP

Introduction Many of you must have seen there is something called SAP experience in almost every job posting. Most often people do not have a better understanding of what is SAP experience is. In this post, we will learn what is SAP software. To get a better understanding of the term SAP first let’s take … Read more