Go From Surviving To Thriving On Amazon With The Help Of This Guide

Many Amazon sellers find themselves in the position of “surviving” on the platform. They are able to sell their products and make some money, but they aren’t doing well enough to be happy or successful. If you want to thrive on Amazon instead of just surviving, then this guide is for you! This will help you with strategies that many Amazon sellers use in order to go from surviving to thriving on Amazon.

Identify your niche

The first thing any seller has to do is identify their niche. Amazon is a very competitive place, but you can definitely find your own “niche” or area of focus to make yourself stand out from the competition.

A niche could be anything really and you need to consider the following things: 

  • the type of product they are selling
  • an age group for whom they are selling products
  • the price point for the product
  • a geographic location that they are selling to

 Amazon has become so large that it can often feel like finding one specific thing on it will be next to impossible without being overwhelmed by all the options presented before us. This may lead some people to give up entirely and decide Amazon isn’t worth it after all! But don’t be among them because hard work pays off!

Take advantage of tools and extensions

Tools and extensions on your search engines can make Amazon a much easier experience to navigate. For example, one of the best tools for Amazon sellers is the Jungle Scout web app. This tool can help Amazon sellers to get more accurate data about the product that they are considering selling.

There are just so many useful apps you can use that nobody would blame you if you could not decide. That is why you need to take your time and make a breakdown of features and benefits of the most useful ones right now. That way, you will be sure that you’re not making a mistake and you’ll be on your way to make a lot of money! 

Use keywords

Keywords are a staple of Amazon campaigns. This website has an extensive list of keywords that can help you get your products in front of the right customers. The best way to begin is by using Amazon-suggested keywords or creating a combination of all possible keywords related to your product.

  • Use Amazon’s suggestions for relevant terms 
  • Find popular long-tail keyword phrases based on what people are searching for online
  • Use Amazon’s keywords if you’re not sure how to choose the right ones

Once you begin ranking for a few of these terms, it can be easy to find others that are related and add them. This is one way Amazon sellers get started on this platform because there are thousands of people who use this site daily looking for products like yours. With the help of an app or software program, it becomes even easier to research popular phrases directly from your phone or computer while browsing online stores at home. 

Research your competition and see what you can do to improve on their strategy 

Looking into successful competitors is always a good place to start when trying out Amazon. This is because you can see what they are doing well, and use that knowledge in order to be more successful yourself. You will also get ideas of products or brands that might be worth targeting for your own business too.

Researching the competition allows you to take a step back from worrying about simply surviving on Amazon (which is very hard!), instead of allowing you to think about thriving in this market by making it work for your brand!

You need not worry about copying their exact strategy either! Why would anyone want an Amazon copycat? Instead, look at how they approach certain things like pricing strategies or marketing campaigns, etc., and then try applying these approaches in ways that suit your own unique selling strategy. 

Start with a small budget for testing products

Starting out by testing a product is a great idea, but before you do it make sure to start with a small budget. Amazon does not require sellers to test all of their products on the site and this means that if something works well for your store then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add more of them.

Create a plan of how much time you’ll spend on the business each week

A big part of all this is planning how much time you’ll spend on Amazon. You need to be realistic about how many hours of the day will take up, and plan accordingly so it doesn’t take over your life. Most Amazon sellers are pretty busy people, so you probably only have a couple of hours per day. You’ll need to be strategic about how you use your time because Amazon can eat away at a lot of it if you don’t plan accordingly.

Being an Amazon seller can be profitable if you do everything right. The key is to know which tools to use and to determine a niche with which you’ll plan a strategy with keywords. Successful competitors can help you out a lot while testing products and planning your work hours will make sure you know how well you can do and how much you can work on this! Good luck!

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