Fireguard App – What is it? How to get it?

Firguard App: Simply put this app help you to Track Wildfires in your Area.

What is a Wild Fire?

Wild Fire is An unplanned, unwanted, uncontrolled fire in an area of fuel vegetation starting in rural and urban areas is a wildfire, bush fire, wildland fire or rural fire. The type of vegetation available also allows for a more specific classification of wild fires as a forest fire, a brush fire, a bush fire (in Australia), desert fire, a grass fire, hill fire, a turkey fire, a field fire or a vegetation fire. Many organizations consider wild fires to be unexpected and unwanted fires, while wildfires are a broader term, both prescribed and wildfire-related (WFU; these are also called monitored response fires). (We need Fire Guard for this)

fireguard app
fireguard app

On other hands A wildfire is an unintentional fire that breaks out in a natural setting such as a forest, grassland, or prairie. Wildfires can occur at any time or in any location, and they are frequently caused by human activity or natural phenomena such as lightning.

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Features of Fireguard App?

Get a powerful wildfire activity tracking map.

See details of fire activity overlaid on a single map:

• Hotspots identified by satellite-based sensors

Get a detailed map of wildfire activity.

See fire activity details superimposed on a single map:

• Wildfire incident reports from the United States and Canada

• Wildfire burned area boundaries

• Crowdsourced fire report markers

• NOAA smoke areas

• Cal Fire incident information

• Fire weather risk zones

• Fire cameras

• Real-time traffic conditions

• Satellite ground tracks

How to Download/ Get Fire Guard App?

Fortunately this app I available for both Android and iPhone users. Since this app available for the official play store for free you won’t need to download APK versions. Just use the following links to download the app from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

I hope now you are clear on how to download Fire Guard and the features of it. Be safe from Wild Fires!

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