How to share screen on facetime ios 15

Wondering How to share screen on facetime ios 15? The new version of iOS 15. Apple has introduced a number of improvements to FaceTime that means you’ll have more options than FaceTime with your family and friends.

How to share screen on facetime ios 15
How to share screen on facetime ios 15

With the new screen sharing feature , called SharePlay You will be able to share your screen with people during a phone call. This makes it ideal for selecting the right movie, browsing an album of photos or any other activity that can be enhanced by group discussions.

Unfortunately SharePlay has been put off until fall. It will be available with an update to iOS 15.

Here’s how this new screen sharing feature works when it’s launched:

  • Launch FaceTime on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click “New FaceTime” and then add the contacts you wish to connect your screen to and then press on the facetime button. You can also choose a previous contact to start an audio call.
  • After the call has been successfully connected, click to connect the call, then tap on the SharePlay button located in the upper-right right-hand corner on your new Control Panel.
  • Click “Share My Screen” from the menu. After a timer of three seconds the screen sharing will begin.

After FaceTime screen sharing is been initiated you will be able to access any app you’d like to share with your people calling you. A sharing icon will be visible on the left-hand side of the screen, indicating the fact that FaceTime Screen Sharing is currently active and you can tap it to open you the FaceTime controls panel.

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You can remove the face of the person calling you for additional screen space, and return them to the view in the same way. If you’re on the shared screen of someone else You’ll see their name in the top left icon, along with buttons that let you send an email, like what they’re sharing or to share it with another person.

If you’d like music, you can listen to music or watch films and TV with the interface called SharePlay. You can stream films or TV shows, and all participants will be able to see the same playback synced and controls. To learn more about the new features in FaceTime on iOS 15, we’ve put together a an entire guide that outlines the various features available.

It is important to note that SharePlay was turned off during the 6th beta version of iOS 15 and it was not part of iOS 15 at launch. Apple will instead bring it back in a subsequent version of iOS 15.

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