Make More Sales On Instagram With These 7 Powerful Tips

Instagram Is One Of The Best Platform For Sharing Visuals Of Your Business And Improving Sales

Since the creation of the Instagram media channel is known popularly as a great place for sharing photos. It has more than 1.6 billion users per month that are actively using it. It is used by media influencers as a strong source of gaining followers. If you use this channel the right way then you too can help your brand to become more influential. You will need to focus on posting the right type of content so that it is relevant for your existing followers. Furthermore, with consistency in content, you will also gain new followers steadily. 

The type of post needed to keep your audience growing is the hardest thing to figure out when you are using Instagram. Below are some powerful tips that can help you to properly milk this channel and make it work for you. 

Make A Business Profile

Many people make the mistake of using their personal profiles to market their brand. The first thing you need to do so that your marketing plan for Instagram works is to make a business profile for your brand. If you want to still use your personal profile as it has the necessary content, it is in fact quite simple to switch the same account to a business one. You just need to go to the settings options and click on ‘Switch to Business Profile’. This will bring you more benefits as you will have a contact button so your followers can get in touch with you. It will also allow you to create and publish ads. You will have access to analytics tools so you can measure the performance of your ads. These are all free perks you can enjoy just by switching to a business profile.

Make Use Of The Marketing Tools

You will be able to get precise insights on the posts you make which will help you to know which ones were your top posts. You will be able to readjust your posts as you will know which one of your posts is popular among your followers. You can then add a product teaser, create a shoppable Etsy gallery feed, and even make sponsored ads. You can control the amount you spend on these and stay well within your budget. You can publish one sponsored ad or even multiple ones with the carousel feature. This will allow you to be more specifically targeting the audience that is interested in your brand. 

Add Instagram Stories

This one feature added to Instagram has brought in a revolutionary effect on its marketing capabilities. You can generate way more leads when you make use of Instagram stories. These stay live only for 24 hours but can be saved on your device for future reuse. They appear in the small area on top of the feed. Your followers will click on your photo and a window will appear wherein they can view your stories. It helps to appear on your follower’s timelines where they look daily. You can add behind the scene posts and they do not even need to be of high quality. You can experiment with different things with this option by posting photos, videos, live videos, or even boomerangs and you can also use online tools that can easily help you make these ready for the Instagram stories option. You can add a sequence to it and the number of stories you add in a day is unlimited. You can even think about hiring Instagram influencers to feature your brand in their stories feed. 

Be Interactive With Your Followers

The best way to be able to create content for your Instagram page without putting in much effort is by using user-submitted photos. You can leverage your followers to send you content like photos or videos wherein they display your brand and create very good content for your feed. You can build a brand hashtag that your followers can use in order for you to regram them. This also makes it easier for new and existing followers of your brand to find all your content in one go by merely searching for it through your brand hashtag. Every time a follower posts something with your brand hashtag, they are actually promoting your brand for free. 

The key to success through Instagram is to be consistent with your feed post so your brand is alive in the minds of your followers. The competition is tough so you will need to put in your best efforts consistently to be on top of the game.

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