Soy Sauce Challenge 2020 on TikTok, Men Dipping Testicles.

Soy Sauce Challenge is a bit viral these days on the internet. Especially after buzz feed released their video people got to know about it. I have attached that video below. Before moving on to the post I must say that this challenge is not something I will encourage to do regularly. LOL. You might find the reason for that on the title. Actually this challenge started spreading from Tiktok. There are many people who are trying to complete this challenge on TikTok. But I don’t know at what cost! Dipping testicles in Soy Sauce?

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What is Soy Challenge on TikTok?

As I mentioned above this challenge originated from Tiktok. Now it is spreading very fast. In Soy Sauce challenge you have to dip some of your men’s body parts in Soya Sauce. Well, for me it is pretty disgusting. But there are people who are convinced that those private body parts have taste buds and they can taste Soy Sauce.

Basically you will have to take a big cup. Then you have to fill it completely with the sauce. Then go to a covered area where others can see only your upper body part. Finally, you can dip your thingy in Soya Sauce. This way you can correctly complete the Soy Sauce Challenge without revealing yourself. Good luck with your soy testicle challenge.

Soy Sauce Challenge in TikTok
Soy Sauce Challenge in TikTok

Is TikTok Soy Challenge Safe?

When compared with other challenges on the Internet such as Skull challenge, Soy Challenge is very safe. You are just dipping it in the sauce for few seconds. It might smell for a little time but wont hurt it. At least they have not found a side effect yet. However, being safe if your task.

Soy Sauce Challenge Videos

Following is the BuzzFeed’s video on this challenge. In this video they talk about weird testicle dipping in soy challenge.

Soy Sauce Challenge Video
Is Soy Challenge Safe?

Yes, So far no effects has been identified.

Why people re doing this challenge?

They want to check whether human testicles can taste sauce.

Is this challenge easy?

Yes, must make sure you don’t reveal yourself to internet.

How many people have done it?

Thousands people on Tiktok.

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