Helpful Tips on How to Be a Better Gamer 

Gaming is a great way to blow off some steam, keep your mind busy, jog your adrenaline, and stay entertained. If you’ve spent more time on your controller lately than your keyboard, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the Entertainment Software Association’s annual report on the video game industry, more than two-thirds of Americans play video games.

However, it becomes more fun once you master the art, start defeating more opponents and reaching higher levels. Whether it’s a casual pastime or a serious lifestyle choice for you, there are some easy ways to improve your gaming experience with just a little bit of extra effort.

Read on for five tips on how to be a better gamer.

1. Invest In the Right Gaming Equipment and Gear 

The gear and equipment you use as a gamer can have a profound effect on your gaming experience and performance. This starts from your gaming desk and chair to the computer setup or gaming console and peripherals used. If you’re an avid PC game, the most important thing to take a look at is your PC setup. A decent PC or laptop can give you an edge over your competition while offering a smooth, stable, and more fulfilling gaming experience.

Pick a great gaming laptop:  

When picking a gaming laptop (or upgrading an existing one), you will want to think about a few aspects. Listing some of the top 240hz laptops for gaming in 2021, a recent log insists on picking a unit with a decent refresh rate for the best experience. Apart from the refresh rate, other important specifications to have a keen eye on include:

  • CPU Power (Intel Core i7 9th gen)
  • GPU Power ( Get a decent one like Nvidia GeForce RTX)
  • Adequate Storage (preferably 500 GB and above SSD)
  • RAM (16 GB works great)
  • VRAM (8 GB is a sweet spot)
  • Sizable Display Monitor ( 15 inches and above) 

From there, figure out the other accessories you need, such as wireless controllers, a gaming mouse pad, a decent keyboard, some headphones, internet connectivity, and so forth. Having some decent gaming gear can help elevate your skills in no time.

2. Pick Games You Have a Passion For 

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of gaming genres out there, and thousands of video games you can play. While some people will play FIFA or PES for hours on end, others find soccer games boring but can spend the whole day playing Fortnite or other third-person shooter games. It is easier to excel in a game you enjoy playing than one that makes you feel sleepy. If you’re still green in gaming, go through the entire list of games out there and pick one that you really like.

3. The Right Gaming Settings

Having the right gear might not do you any good if you don’t know the best settings for your game. Playing a game using the wrong settings can affect your experience or performance and even give your opponents an edge every time you compete. Using the appropriate settings ensures you don’t spend a bunch of hours practicing, only to have to retake your learning sessions later.

4. Have Some Goals 

To become better at gaming, it also helps to consider whether you’ll be playing professionally or just for fun. Perhaps you’re just playing to impress a friend or to pass time. Maybe you need to join the bandwagon of gaming streamers who are earning a big buck on Twitch and YouTube. Depending on your needs and your current level of prowess, set goals you can realistically achieve and keep at it. Even short-term goals can help you monitor your progress, so you stay motivated to achieve larger milestones. Well sometimes people tend to use video game hacking services.

5. Space Your Sessions Up 

Excelling in gaming requires putting the time to practice and engage more opponents or competitions. Most avid gamers get inspiration from recorded streams by pro gamers. Sometimes mentoring someone might even help you learn new hacks or stuff you had missed in your journey. However, you also don’t want to fog up your mind so much or develop eye fatigue from long hours at the screen. 

If you have to play five hours a day, you might as well consider breaking your sessions into two or three well-spaced parts. This gives your eyes a break and your brain some time to recharge for better performance. Consider opening the window or taking a walk outside for a good dose of sunlight and fresh air. 

6. Have Fun

At the end of the day, gaming is all about fun, and adrenaline. Try to stay cool if an opponent is annoying you. Just ignore them or say while giggling, “I can’t get bothered.” You shouldn’t respond to people who are bothering you, even if they are an enemy. Instead, just keep playing or quit the game altogether.

Games have grown to become more advanced and complex over the years. With more and more people interested in gaming, you can expect to encounter some really good opponents out there. Whatever your reasons for becoming an avid gamer, the above few tips can help you excel at the skill.

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