How to find the bird & collect feathers in Grounded

With the latest update, The Bird has been released to your favorite game grounded. Trust me! you can collect its resources to craft new items! In this article, I will show you how to find the crow and how to harvest its feathers.

As we all know on August 25th Obsidian released patch/ Update 0.2.0 for Grounded. You can find the patch notes on their official website.

The special thing is that this update included a new NPC bird which is a pretty big crow. Even though you can not interact with the bird, for now, you can find this crow flying in some specific parts of the map. So in this post, I will show you the places you can find the bird in Grounded. The main goal is to collect feathers so we can craft new stuff.

If you pay attention you can find the bird near the birdbath or on top of mystery machine quest’s lasers. Also many times I saw the bird on the fence near the west picnic table. Unfortunately these areas we can’t access yet.

Grounded bird location map
Grounded bird location map

In the morning times, you will be able to see the crow near the birdbath, however, still, the exact time is unclear. So you will need some luck. If you are quiet enough you will be able to get very close to the bird. However, as I mentioned you won’t be able to catch the bird or interact with the bird.

I even tried shooting and trying to melee the crow. Nothing happened. This is actually a good thing. Because if the crow is scared you will never be able to collect feathers from it. It will fly away thinking you are a threat.

So if you are wondering how to collect feathers; you actually have to be lucky. This is because the feathers will be dropped randomly. If you are luckky you will be able to see feathers dropping from the bird. You can find the dropped feathers on the grass stuck to the leaves.

Simply put to find the feathers you just have to go to the above locations where you can find the bird. So if the bird is there you are a pretty good chance of finding feathers on the grass near to it.

grounded crow feather

So in the article, I mentioned that we can use these feathers to craft items. To do so first you have to chop it into small pieces. Weel, to chop feathers you will need a tier 2 AXE. Now using these feather pieces you can craft new items like Marksman’s Cap and Feather Arrow. You have to scan the above piece and you will get the ability to craft above.

Formula to craft Marksman Cap: 3 Crow Feather Pieces + 5 Berry Leather + 5 Spider Web

This will give you additional bow attack.

I hope now you have clear idea on How to find the bird (crow) in Grounded. If you have any questions please comment below.

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