Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments (Updated 2020)

Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments post is for all MC players who are looking to improve their gameplay. The following are the Top 7 Bow customizations. Bows are the initially ranged weaponry in Minecraft. Bows with its charms are powerful facing single targets, while the Crossbow enchantments affect many victims. Bows remained intentionally left fixed in the Texture Update as to seem to be made of a distinct wood type from crossbows.

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7. Curse of Vanishing

Curse of Vanishing best bow enchantments minecraft
Curse of Vanishing best bow enchantments minecraft

As the title suggests Enchanted Book, Curse of Vanishing will make your equipment disappear when you die. For example, if you using this as your Bow enchantment it will make your weapon vanish upon death.

Hence, this clearly suggests that you should never use this enchantment for the weapons who want to keep. For example, if you love your current Bow, you should never use Curse of Vanishing with it. Because if you die with it you will never be able to take it back. In other words, that weapon will cease to exist.

Well, you might think this attachment is very useless. To an extent it is useless for singleplayer. However, when it comes to multiplayer mode there is some use for this charm.

When I’m on survival or factions server my team always uses this enchantment when we plan to raid powerful enemy bases. So if your enemy kills you they will never be able to get hold of your weapon. Well, its loss for both the enemy team and you.

Wondering how to get a hold of this Enchanted Book, Curse of Vanishing? If you are lucky you will be able to find it in chests around the Minecraft world. (Mineshafts, Dungeons, and Villages). Well, you can always buy it from villagers. You can’t get this charm using the enchantment table like others.

6. Punch

Minecraft punch perk
Minecraft punch perk

Punch is actually a knockback enhancement. Punch gives the bow the power to knockback your enemy to a pretty good length away from their initial position upon impact.

Punch provides the bow with the ability to knockback your enemy to a moderately great length apart from their original position when hit.
This is an awesome way to pushing your opponents away you are being chased or when you want to push enemies.

As usual, this enhancement also has its own disadvantages. If you are chasing someone, trust me you should never equip this because it will push your victim further. Well, if you are against a zombie horde this is a perfect charm!

It is said that Punch will knock the enemy exactly 3 blocks if it is level 1. I want you guys to confirm that. Please comment on whether that is true or false below. If you have the max level punch (level 2) you can actually knock enemies around 6 blocks. You can learn more from the below video.

Punch enchanment information

5. Flame

Flame Bow
Flame Bow

I think almost all the gamers know what does a perk named “Flame” does. Simply put it will put your enemy on fire. In this case, also by using Flame bow enhancement, you will be able to put your target on fire in Minecraft. It is said that flame perk has the capability of fore not only enemies but also any block except water.

Also, many people are saying that when you are on fire it is a bit hard to run. So you should make this your advantage.

Keep in mind that fire does half a heart damage per second. So if you have a flammable bow you have the advantage because your enemies can’t sprint properly. Also, they have to lose their health with time.

Personally I was able to find it only once. So I guess flame is pretty rare in the Minecraft world. There are 3 levels of flame enchantment. Higher-level gives you more damage over time.

4. Power

power best bow enchantments minecraft
power best bow enchantments minecraft

When it comes to Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments Power perk wins the fourth place. This enhancement increases the damage output of your bow. There are 5 levels of power. If you have a level 5 power equipped bow you can deal 23 heart damage. (Assuming you fully charged the shot.)

An uncharged power shot can deal with up to 9 heart damage. Unlike Curse of Vanishing you can find this perk in the enchantment table. (Up to level 4)

For the fifth and highest level you have to use Anvil. If you join two Level 4 powered bows you will get a level 5 one. I have not personally tried this, but you are welcome to do this.

LevelIncrease1 tap shotMedium chargeMaximum chargeCritical Charge
Not enchanted+0% (2.0)16910
I+50% (3.0)2914 × 715 × 7.5
II+75% (3.5)211 × 5.516 × 818 × 9
III+100% (4.0)212 × 618 × 920 × 10
IV+125% (4.5)314 × 720 × 1023 × 11.5
V+150% (5.0)315 × 7.523 × 11.525 × 12.5
Damage of power enchantment (Source https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/)

 3. Unbreaking

Unbreaking Crossbow Enchantments Minecraft
Unbreaking Crossbow chant Minecraft

We all know that the more arrow you shoot the faster your bow gets broken. Do you know how many arrows can a normal bow shoots before breaking down? Comment the answer below!

It is said that you can use Unbreaking bow Enchantment to increase the durability of your bow. It means that your bow will be able to fire more arrows than normal.

However, it will never fix or rebuild your bow like Mending. Well, it is said that a level 3 unbreaking enhancement can help you to shoot more than 6000 arrows before breaking your bow. That’s is the main reason why this enchantment deserves the 3rd place.

Many players are saying that if you combine Unbreaking with Infinity so it meets infinity enchantment’s demands and prevents the bow from breaking out of a bow that can fire only up to 365 arrows without unbreaking enchantment.

Next we will talk about this infinity perk.

2. Infinity

Infinity best bow enchantment minecraft
Infinity crossbow charm

As the phrase Infinity explains, this enchant will give you unlimited arrows for your bow. Simply put if you need an infinite supply of arrows you may use this perk.

However, infinity perk works only when you have more than one arrow. So it is always healthy to keep one last arrow atyour dispoable. That way you will have infinite supply of arrows.

This allows players to shoot many arrows they want at their enemy. In other words, you can spam arrows till your enemy dies.

There is a small issue now. Even if you have an infinite number of the arrow will you be able to use all of them? Actually no, Unless you have combined Unbreaking enchantment number of arrows you can shoot is very limited. Well, if you use Unbreaking with Infinite you will be able to use at least 6000 arrows with your bow.

One more thing, if you are a Minecraft single player lover trust me this perk is not for you. This is because in a single player it is very easy to craft arrows. So you might want to save that enhancement spot for something more valuable.

1. Mending

Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments mending
Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments mending

Mending is the last and most valuable enhancement in our list. This gives a solution to the biggest problem we have with our bow/ crossbow. This ability will give you the power to auto repair your bow whenever you eliminate an enemy team or a player.

This repairing process will consume the exp points you earned from the last battle. It will cover and fix the damages of the recent uses of the bow.

It is one of my favorite perks since it is a time saver. I do not need to go to my base, build an anvil, or use my resources to create a new bow.

Perhaps you can take that for reasons like that, not put your effort into having a mending delight in your bow, but for a player like me or someone who does not want to waste time and doesn’t want to have a new arc or repeated reparations of the arc using money, then the mending delight would be the right option, it’s a luxury.

Thank you for reading our article on Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments. If you have any questions or concerns please be kind to comment below. Also if you loved this article please share it among your friends. They might love it too.

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