Youtube app no longer shared issue fix

So today I was trying to open my youtube app usual. As you guys know I own an iPhone 7. So I click on the youtube-icon and suddenly I got an error saying “Youtube app no longer shared”. Well, I tried to open the app again this time the same error with different words lol. “youtube this app is no longer shared”. This is where I got panicked.

First I thought there might be an issue with my youtube account. So I logged into my youtube account through my PC. Then selected log out from all the devices. Well, I thought it will fix my issue.

Then I opened Youtube app on my Apple again. Welp! It got the same issue. 🙁

So I thought this might has to do something with my cloud account. However after 30 minutes I found the solution!

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How to fix Youtube app no longer shared issue

Step 1) Go to iPhone settings.

Step 2) Then go inside iCloud Storage settings.

Step 3) tap on Youtube click on off load app.

Step 4) Exit from settings, then open App store.

Step 5) Search for youtube and install the app again.

So guys thats how I fixed the issue.

New Update

Some of my friends are saying that they are getting the same error for the Facebook app also. Well, this is getting weird now. They told me that Facebook app says no longer shared. So I did my research and was finally able to figure out the issue. Well, it was very similar to the issue I had with youtube. So simply put if you get “no longer shared” error for any app you may try the above tutorial to fix the issue.

Trust me guys, its not only you and me. There are lot of people you are facing this issue. I’ve seen a lot of users getting this problem with the youtube or facebook and Tiktok app as well. It is said that this bug happened with the IOS update of 13.5, which is released recently, causing this data to no longer be posted.

If you think I helped you with youtube this app is no longer shared issue please share it article with your friends. They might find it useful. Also let me know what else I can do to fix Facebook app says no longer shared issue.

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