Love Nikki Miraland quiz answers 2020

Love Nikki Miraland quiz answers are for all the people on the internet who are unable to find solutions for the Miraland by themselves. If you are here you must know what I am talking about. Well if you are not below is a summary of what Love nikki quiz is.

Love Nikki Miraland quiz answers 2020
Love Nikki Miraland quiz answers 2020

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen is an awesome game which is available on both Android App store and Facebook. You find the links to the game below.

When you are playing this game you are able to exchange ingame currency (feathers) and get a chance to answer a question. Well, if you answer the question correctly you can win valuable gifts. The latest quiz is available between May 18th to 24th, 2020.

It is said that to find Love Nikki Miraland quiz answers 2020 you need to know a lot about Nikki’s background. You can learn about her and the game on

What are the rewards for answering Love Nikki Miraland quiz?

  • 6 Valid Answers – 5 Diamonds, 20 Stamina
  • 13 Valid Answers – Innocent Faction, 10 Star Coin
  • 21 Valid Answers – Innocent Memory, 30 Stamina
  • 30 Valid Answers – 15 Star Coin, 1 Crystal Shoe
  • 39 Valid Answers – Teddy Feelings, 12,500 Gold
  • 49 Valid Answers – Turtleneck Shirt, 40 Stamina
  • 59 Valid Answers – 1 Crystal Shoe, 20 Star Coins
  • 69 Valid Answers – Snowy Night Ballad, 25 Diamonds

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Love Nikki Miraland quiz answers 2020

1.Question: How many suits are there in time yard?


2.Question: Names of the clothes parts below love nikki

 Butterfly Epic

3. Question: Which character did not attend Fantasy Styling Contest?


4. AS per legend, what did Patrick’s walking stick turn into?

A living tree

5. As the legend, why doesn’t Ireland have snakes?

They had all been banished by Patrick

6. Where can we see stories and manga again?

In Time Diary

7. After giving 9+1 favorites in game, you can open the gift, what will you get from it?

Crystal Rose

8. Children does the most prolific mother Carries?


9. How can we get the Dreamland Teatime set of Lilith Kingdom?

Pavilion of Fantasy

10. How can we get the Master Magician set?

Pavilion of Fantasy

11. In which show’s rehearse Nikki and Royce were invited to join?

Romeo and Cinderella

I just got the game,but I’m hooked to it already. The graphics and plot are fantastic, you are free to design outfits for modeling contests and it is easy to get the currency of the games, and for different styles you can easily find more clothes that I love. I recommend it 100 percent if you’re playing these sports.

I love this game so much! It’s so good! The one thing I don’t like most is you have to sign in to Facebook, but I don’t have . I ‘d love to repair this, but I love this game other than that.

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