Overwatch Fighting game OverFighter

Overwatch Fighting Game OverFighter

Overwatch Fighting Game OverFighter is another perfect Overwacth Workshop mode by DarkyPaky (AKA DarwinStreams). This Overwatch mod is for all the Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat fans. Special thing is that in Overfighter there are even fatalities. Cool right?

In this game you can play as Doomfist, ReinHardt, Winston, Genji, Brigitte and Torbjorn (AKA trollbjorn). Oh! another thing, this mode is kinda 2D. You can get a better idea by looking at the above image. Go ahead and grab the following code. But make sure you give credits to DarwinStreams if you are planning to share the code.

Don’t know what to do with above Overwatch Workshop code? Check out our guide.

Like in normal Street Fighter games in Overwatch Fighting Game OverFighter there a some cool special moves. Following is the list of Special moves in Overfighter. To win you need to score 3 points.

Special Moves

  • Sneaky dwarf: Crouch + Back + Primary [Torbjorn]
  • Hammered: Jump + Primary on the enemy’s head [Torbjorn]
  • Fireball: Back + Jump + Primary [Doomfist] [uses ult charge]
  • Reincopter: Forward + Jump + Primary [Reinhardt]
  • Gravifield: hold Secondary [Reinhardt] [uses ult charge]

Fatalities & Finishes.

There’s a distinctive finisher, fatality for every hero. Even for Torb. When you’re in a match-point round, you won’t kill but knock the enemy down. When your enemy is knocked down you can either melee him for a normal kill or use attack button to do a fatality/ finisher. Trust me these fatalities are very sexy. You can watch the following trailer to see fatalities in action untill I create my own video. (I’m really looking forward to but don’t have enough time)

OverFighter – fighting game in OW [workshop by DarwinStreams] from r/Overwatch

How to use Dashes and Stuns in Overwatch Fighting Game OverFighter?

All heroes can dash in any way (Tekken style) – use double tap arrow keys. If you dash forward and keep holding the key – you will run.

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