Overwatch Parkour Mod Code Latest Edition

Overwatch Parkour Code

This is about the overwatch parkour mod code. To be honest the person who made this mode should be punished as this mode is extremely hard for us, AKA Torb mains. It was quite hard to find the original create of this mode. However if you know him please comment so I can give him Credits de deserve. Anyway I found an Overwatch player on Reddit name Bondomor who released verson 4.0 of Havana Parkour. Um, thats right this is Havana Parkour. Rightnow this is the latest overwatch workshop parkour mode.

Basically you will start as a Genji. There are 10 checkpoints around the map. You have to reach all of them without touching the Lava (Red Spots!). Trust me this is hard. Whenever you completed all the 10 checkpoint you will be promoted to another hero. Also you can change the spawning checkpoint using “ctrl” key. Most importantly it is said that in this mode you can save your progress. Well I couldn’t figureout howto do this. But a reddit user commented that ” There’s a “code” to spawn as whatever you were last game. For example saying thanks + storm arrow + dying THEN ulting will unlock hanzo.” If this worked for you please comment below.

If you have trouble getting all the checkpoints in Overwatch Parkour Code mode watch the following video.

Cenlus’ Havana Parkour v4.1

However to win Overwatch Parkour mod you need to be very patient. Thats why I can never unlock more than 3 heroes. Anyway this is a great workshop mode to learn new paths for specific heroes. You can use these paths even in competitive play.

If you need help pasting and using the above code please check out our Overwatch workshop tutorial. If hope you enjoyed this article. Thank you. <3

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