Interested in Forex Trading? Here’s How to Get Started

Foreign Exchange Market or Forex is a global marketplace where you can exchange national currencies. According to reports from the Bank for International Settlements, the daily trading for forex reaches around $6.6 trillion which only confirms how popular it has become. Foreign exchange is huge nowadays. People change currencies for many different reasons, but mostly … Read more

7 Employee Retention Strategies Approved by HR Experts

Employee retention is the effort an organization takes to retain its most important assets–employees. A low or high employee retention rate can have a direct negative or positive effect on the company’s overall performance respectively. Every company needs to know and manage its employee turnover rate if it wants to remain in business for a … Read more

4 Trading Strategies You Should Know About

Every investor is different and so are the trading strategies they use. If you are a beginner you might find choosing the best strategy a bit challenging. Don’t worry, it’s a common problem. When it comes to trading strategies, the most important factors to consider are your circumstances and your personality. Remember that everyone trades … Read more

Business Uses of SMS Messaging

The world nowadays is loud. Everywhere we look, there are advertisements: blog posts, videos, social media shares, news articles, and traditional methods of advertising are all competing for our focus and attention. While this can be overwhelming for all of us, it can be especially daunting for businesses as managers and owners need to figure … Read more