Clapper app for iPhone and Android

Clapper App for Android and iPhone

Clapper App is another great alternative for TikTok. It is no secret that video base social networking apps are becoming more popular every day. However due to TikTok’s ban in USA this new app is taking its place as the most favorite alternative in USA. What is Clapper App? Clapper is the fastest-spreading video sharing … Read more

How to get Free Nectar juicy boost App (€10)?


Recently, Martin Lewis revealed how people can get free Nectar Juicy Boost worth of €10. Trust me this is very easy and can be done within minutes. Basically, by following this tutorial you will be able to claim upto  2,000 points Nectar boost points. These points are available as part of a promotion run by Nectar. … Read more

How to Fix Cash App Negative Balance?

cash app negative balance

It is not very common to have a Negative Balance in your Cash App account. This is mainly because, cash app does not allow you to overdraft yourself. However, there are instances that this situation happens. First of all lets discuss what are the scenario you might ended up with minus balance in Cash App. … Read more

Avatarify App For iPhone and Android

avatarify app samsung

Avatarify App is another awesome app that will let you to be anyone who you love. For example, you can even become Monalisa. This is really amazing! What is Avatarify App? This app was released to the world by the company “Avatarify, Inc.” To be honest this app is one of a kind. As I … Read more

Recommended PC Specifications for Overwatch

As a 6v6 arena shooter game, it’s no secret that Overwatch on PC can eat up a lot of computing power. And while you can improve your sessions by tinkering with some of its settings, even turning triple buffering off might not be enough to provide you that seamless gaming experience. And if you’re a serious … Read more