What do you seek quiz uquiz

What do you seek quiz uquiz is another trivia to participate if you want to find what you really want!

I actually did the quiz twice since I didn’t like the first answer. But surprisingly the next time also I got the same result which is “Peace”. Also, it explained briefly why I got this result.

However, in my opinion the result was very relevant to the current life I’m having.

So I invite you all to take on this quiz and understand what you really seek!

This quiz is made by uquiz user spookygondolier. So if you are loving the trivia don’t forget to thank the quiz designer.

This is the link to the Quiz

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Questions in What do you seek quiz.

Similar to other quizzes by uquiz in this trivia you have to begin by giving your name. If you are not ready to give you a real name you can use some random name. That won’t affect the questionnaire.

Then you will be given sixteen multiple-choice questions. The following are some of these questions. So you will be ready when you are taking the quiz.

  • Why do you prefer cave?
  • How were you able to find the cave?
  • You descend in to the cave in a night, what would you do?
  • What do you prefer to be, admired, loved, respected or to be entertained?
  • What do you hate most, Violence, Ignorance, being trapped, or being useless.
  • If are two paths what path will you choose?
  • Choose a golbet!
  • What kind of an object you prefer?
  • What is your favorite super power

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