Unable to get up crossword clue

Unable to get up crossword clue is for all the quiz lovers in the world. This is another hard trivia that was published in today’s newspaper. Actually I was trying to figure it out since the morning.

When compared to other clues this one was bit tricky.

For today’s crossword, the other clues were very easy. However, whenever I tried to solve this one I got two main issues.

The first one is that I was not able to match my answer with the crossword’s boxes. (I thought the answer was “stuck”. But there were nine spaces to fill. So immediately I knew that “stuck” is not the answer.

Second one was I could not find a synonym for the phrase given.

So then I asked my brother who has a degree in psychology. Actually he is the one who came up with the solution.

Unable to get up crossword clue answer


Bedridden is the answer!

According to cambridge.org bedridden means “having to stay in bed because of illness or injury”.

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I hope everyone is clear about the meaning of the word “Bedridden”. Also good luck with your crossword.

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