Banana fish kin! Which banana fish character are you quiz?

Can you remember we share some cool uquiz quizzes? This is another awesome trivia created on the same platform. Simply put Which banana fish character are you or the banana fish kin quiz is a special kind of personality test.

It starts with saying that you just now finished watching the famous show Banana Fish. However, now you can’t stop thinking about it. And you are very sad about the things that happened in the show. So now it is your time to go through the quiz and find out your favorite banana fish character.

This is the link to the Quiz

So suggest all of you follow the link and find out your favorite character in the show. Also if you like these quizzes do not forget to thank the user spaghetti in Uquiz.

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Questions in which banana fish character are you?

As with any other quiz in this quiz also you have to begin by entering your name. If you are not comfortable with providing your name you can even provide a random name. There are around 22 questions to answer.

Following are some of the multiple choices questions available in the trivial.

  • What is your dream house?
  • What is your most favourite time of the day?
  • What is your most preferred job?
  • Pick something you would like from the list
  • Your happy place is?
  • How to you react when you are with friends?
  • How do you express love?
  • What do you expect to see in your friends?
  • Are you introvert or extrovert?

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