Call guardian app, What is it? How to get it?

Call Guardian App: How many times did you get spam calls to your mobile? Probably you lose your count. Most often all of us get at least one spam call per week. This can be either a marketing call, scam calls, and other unwanted calls.

Now you can actually control who can call you! You just need to download this app and follow the instructions.

Functions of the Guardian app

  • Identify unwanted Spam, Scam, and marketing phone calls.
  • Even though you don’t answer the call app will give you who is calling and some other important details.
  • The capability of creating personal block lists to keep away harmful calls. You can even share these lists with the public.
  • Real-Time Spam block and guard against unwanted calls.
  • This app does not collect your personal contact details.

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Download Call guardian app:

Fortunately this app I available for both Android and iPhone users. Since this app available for the official play store for free you won’t need to download APK versions. Just use the following links to download the app from the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

Importantly this app has a spam indicator. For example, it will grade each unwanted call from Low Risk to High Risk. So you will know what calls to avoid.

Also this app will show the previous interactions you had with each caller. So you will have a better control on it.

I hope now you are clear on how to download Call guardian app and the features of it. Enjoy a spam free life!

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