Golden Ratio Face App Beauty Phi Calculator For Android and iOS

Golden Ratio Face App is for people who are looking for beauty tips. Most often people mistake that the golden ratio of beauty phi app is only for the girls. But trust me this software works for both men and women. This application was first released by Face Technologies Co., LTD in January 2019. But they are frequently updating the app. This app utilized the “PHI” geometrical technology by Johannes Kepler to identify the perfect face. This app is also known as golden ratio face calculator. There is a custom net development company that creates applications and sites of this kind. Also if you like this app I recommend you try out the Dazz Cam App.

What is the golden ratio of beauty phi app?

This is not just another Beauty Analysis & Beauty Tips app. It actually determined ow perfect your face using the Phi techniques. Not only that but also this Golden Ratio Phi Face App will give you some cool beauty tips. So you will be able to be the most beautiful girl in the area :D. This app uses facial structure, facial symmetry, and the rule of the golden ratio to find and calculate the beauty of any person. It is proven that beauty and has a relationship with a symmetrical face. It is believed that a perfectly balanced face represents a healthy body. So using this app you will be able to determine whether you have a symmetrical face or not. This is simply another golden ratio face calculator app.

golden ratio face app
golden ratio face app

Features of Golden Ratio App

Following are some features of golden ratio face calculator app.

  • Beauty face Analysis
  • Face Comparison
  • Read faces
  • Beauty face mask.
  • Golden Ratio Mask
  • Beauty Tips.

Download Beauty Analysis & Beauty Tips App

You can use the following links to download and install the golden ratio of beauty phi app for free. Since the app is available for both Android and iOS you don’t need to download APK. So just use the following links to download the app from trusted official App Store and Play Store.

What are the available face types?

Following are some the face types which are detectable by Golden Ratio free and premium APK.

  • Diamond Face Shape
  • Pyramid Face Shape
  • Square Face Shape
  • Triangle Face Shape
  • Rectangle Face Shape
  • Round Face Shape
  • Oval Face Shape

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