Night sky app for iOS and Android

Night sky app is the best planetarium for your Android device available right now. Simply put this app allows you to create your own beautiful personal planetarium! Trust me, this is cooler than it sounds.

Night Sky APP
Night Sky APP

This app was released by iCandi Apps on Mar 26, 2020. This app is totally free. However additional features can be unlocked with premium subscription.

Due to its awesomeness, this app has 4.7-star rating from 168.1K Ratings. This means the app is working as it should.

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Features of Night Sky App

  1. Powerful Sky View.
    • More than 60 Million Stars
    • Very High resolution
    • Sunrise effects
    • Sunset effects
    • Daylight effects
  2. MAPS UI
    • Clean, simple user interface.
    • Quick search & find
    • Red Night AI mode
    • Light Pollution Indicator
  3. Aurora Mapping (This is a premium Features)
    • Find the nearest Aurora locations
    • Realtime Aurora alerts.
  4. View Planet Structures
    • Another Cool feature in Night Sky App
    • Ability to view internal structures of planets in the solar system.
  5. Quiz
    • Drain your brain with these awesome quizzes.
    • Test your knowledge about stars.
  6. AR Explores
    • Deep dive into planets.
    • Separate planets and share AR views with your friends through messenger.
  7. Siri Shortcuts
    • Create Siri shortcuts.
    • Train Siri to show the required details and stars.

Download Sky Planetarium

Currently official Night Sky App is available only for iPhone users. Following is the official link to download the app.

However, if you want to download the night sky app android, there is a good alternative. Using the Sky Map android app you use the most features of the above app. Following is the link to download the Android version.

Android version of sky app
Android version of sky app

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