Anime app icons for iPhone and Android

I present Anime app icons for iPhone and Android post for all the Anime lovers in the world. In this post I will teach you how to replace covers of your app with anime icons.

To do this there are two main ways when it comes to iPhone.

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The first way is to design icons manually then replace using your device settings. The following is the method.

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Changing App icons to Anime Covers in iPhone

Time needed: 10 minutes

Anime App icon Tutorial.

  1. Create an account on

    Visit then use one of available methods to create an account. (Free account is enough.) Or you can choose to use photo-editing apps like Instasize as an alternative.
    Fotor is another helpful anime icons designer (Free online).
    You can also check out Colorcinch and create your own characters, cartoons, and anime photos.

    register in canva

  2. Design a New icon using Canva.

    Go to Create a design –> Logo
    You can use available elements. Or you can upload required images and create a cool anime icon here.  If you choose Fotor, just follow the same steps to “Create a design –> Logo”. You can choose from a variety of pre-set logo templates. Or use the “Text” and “Elements” features to create the amazing anime icon after uploading your required images.
    designing anime icon cover

  3. Download the icon.

    Click on download button on top. Now you have an anime icon.

  4. Download App Icon Free

    App Store Link. For this also use free version. You can skin the purchasing part.

  5. Open the app then click on “App Icon”

    I will show you the list of app which lets you change icons. Now click on Photo to upload your anime icon which we created using canva.

  6. Now click on create icon. Then Install icon –> Install.

    Make sure to allow the dialogue boxes.

Changing Icons in Android

When compared to the iPhone it is very easy to put Anime app icons in Android devices. To do this follow the above instructions will step 3. Until the downloading the icon part.

Then download Icon Changer free app from Play store.

Open the app then click on shortcuts. Now tap on change. Select the icon we downloaded. Click OK to change the app cover.

I hope now you know how to get Anime app icons for iPhone and Android. If you loved it or have any questions comment below.

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