Tiktok invisible filter, What is it? What Happened to it?

Tiktok invisible filter was a very popular and awesome lens. However, due to several reasons, it got removed from Tiktok.

You heard me correctly. You can no longer find this filter on Tiktok. But let me go through what was this filter and what happened to it.

This filter was first released in January 2020. So many people started using it. They actually removed their clothes in front of Tiktok, hoping this filter will actually make you invisible.

Still you are able to find some of these videos on Tiktok, where people revealing themselves.

Following is a video where user katiefeeneyy uses this filter.


couldn’t think of a caption🤷🏼‍♀️ I will follow people that come up with the best captions🤪 ##superpower ##invisible

♬ lovely – Billie Eilish & Khalid

Similar to above video many people created videos using this Tiktok invisible filter.

At that time people were able to get this filter or unlock this filter from the Tiktok gallery. Not it is impossible to get the invisible TikTok effect as they removed it.

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What Happened to invisible filter

So many people were asking what actually happend to this lens. Why it got removed.

As I mentioned above people recorded them removing clothes thinking that this invisible lens will protect them. However, some people found a way to remove the effect of TikTok invisible filter. So at that time, there were many posts teaching people how to remove the TikTok filter.

After realising this Tiktok decided to remove this filter. Personally I think this is a good dicision.

So thats the actual story behind this filter.

Is it impossible to get this invisible filter on Tiktok?

Yes, currently it is impossible to get this filter.

However, on Youtube, I have seen so many videos with several “Fake” & clickbait methods. Trust me! you can no longer use this filter on Tiktok.

Well, if you know a way comment below so I can correct myself.

So I hope you understood Tiktok invisible filter, What is it? What Happened to it. If you loved the article please share it among your friends.

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