Are we getting a second stimulus check?

Are we getting a second stimulus check is the biggest question we all have right now. So let me go through the current situation and explain what might be the answer to above question.

Also pray for the wellness of Trump!

Yes, there is a possibility of getting a second stimulus check. (Source –

Actually, a new coronavirus relief program that provides a second stimulus check and other incentives is deemed crucial in delivering financial assistance for large and small companies, continuing coronavirus research and individuals as a result of the current pandemic.

Also keep in mind that Pelosi and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin revealed to the Washington Post that a new stimulus package might be completed by mid-week. Eventhough, McConnell has postponed its voting until October 19, but will remind Senators with in 24 hours.

Also Pelosi informed Face the Nation that “We’re making progress”. So this is actually a good sign.

When will we get the second stimulus check?

If another relief package happens following are the predicted days when we might receive the next check. (Source –

According to Mnuchin if there is another package it will take around a week to distribute the first batch of checks. Following is exactly what he said. “I can get out 50 million payments really quickly. A lot of it into people’s direct accounts”.

How much will I get?

It is said that the second stimulus check will give away around 1.2k$ for each tax payer.

However, the House reacted this week with a bill of $2.2 trillion which might include the new stimulus check. The new plan further raises federal unemployment insurance by up to six hundred dollars a week, says CNN.

Am I eligible for stimulus check 2?

Well, it depends. However, if you have already received the first check you are more likely to receive this one to. However, if you have not received the first check you might not get this one too.

I think now you got a correct answer for your question! If you have more questions don’t forget to comment below!

Are we getting a second stimulus check
Are we getting a second stimulus check

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