Dafran Overwatch Settings October 2019

Quick Info on Dafran

Before moving to Dafran Overwatch Settings lets have a quick info on Dafran. Daniel “dafran” Francesca is a Danish player played for Selfless Gaming at first. Nowadays he is with the Atlanta Reign as a streamer. If you are interested in his personal profile scroll down. If you are looking for pro overwatch settings check below. Actually Dafran was suspended from all Overwatch activities in Competitive Season 5 during June 2017 for throwing, trolling matches and griefing in ranked play. Facts aside following are dafran’s pro overwatch settings.

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Mouse Settings & Sensitivity

Sensitivity : 8.50 Invert Look : Off
Horizontal Sensitivity : 30 cm = 360°: 40.75
Zoom Sensitivity : 38 HZ : 1000
Dpi : 400 eDPI : 3400
Sensitivity : 6.00 Invert Look : Off
Horizontal Sensitivity : 30 Vertical Sensitivity: 30
Dpi : 400 Mouse Sensivity : 2

Dafran Overwatch Crosshair

Type : Crosshairs Color : Green
Show Accuracy : OFF Thickness : 2
Crosshair Length : 8 Center Gap : 8
Opacity : 90 Dot Size : 2
Dot Opacity : 0
dafran overwatch settings crosshair
dafran crosshair settings (Source – Twitch.com)

Dafran Overwatch Graphic Settings

Display Mode : Full Screen
Resolution : 1920*1080
FOV : 90 (Sometimes he change it to 100)
Refresh Rate : 240Hz
Render Scale : 100
Graphic Quality : Medium
Overwatch dafran : graphic settings (Source : Twitch.com)

Overwatch Dafran Settings : Hardware

Dafran’s Mouse : ZOWIE EC2-A

Dafran’s Mouse Pad: STEELSERIES QCK+

Dafran’s Headset :  SENNHEISER GAME ZERO

Dafran’s Monitor:  OMEN BY HP 24.5″

Dafran’s CPU:  Intel i9

Dafran’s GPU: NVIDIA GEFORCE Rtx 2080Ti

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