Overwatch Console Settings 2021 Including Aim Assist

This post is for all the Overwatch Console settings. Well if you are a PC player I suggest you to find our detailed Best Overwatch Settings page. I won’t bore you with detailed content. Just find all the Overwatch settings for Xbox & PS including aim assist below.

I collected the following information from player Klujma who is a T500 Overwatch Player. So I guess these are OW pro settings for console players xD.

Overwatch Console Settings

Horizontal Sensitivity: 90Vertical Sensitivity: 55
AIM Assist Strength: 100AIM Assist Window Size: 100
AIM Assist Legacy Mode: OFF AIM Assist Ease In: 50
AIM Smoothing: 98 AIM Ease In: 50
Invert Vertical Look: OFFInvert Horizontal Look: OFF
Switch Movement: OFFLegacy Sticks: OFF
Aim Technique: Dual Zone
ow console settings
overwatch aim assist for console

Overwatch Console Crosshair

This is actually a bonus for Overwatch Console settings readers! Please find the best overwatch Xbox & console crosshair settings.

Type: CrosshairsShow Accuracy: OFF
Color: GREENThickness: 1
Crosshair Length: 11Center GAP: 7
Opacity: 100 Outline Opacity: 100
DOT Size: 2DOT Opacity: 0
Scale With Resolution: OFF
overwatch console crosshair settings
overwatch console crosshair

Is Overwatch Hard to Aim in Xbox

Your Overwatch console settings does help to maintain the gaming performance. Also, it improves the player’s aim by using Aim Assist technology. in real scenarios players who are already used to play console games are pretty good with Overwatch Console, while PC MaSTeR race players are having trouble using console. And Vice versa.

“started on console and recently made the switch to PC. After playing PC for a year I went back to a console match for fun. Everything moved so slow to me after being use to High frame rates. I easily was dominating the match but was still sluggish on the controls. Ultimately it depends on the player and this is just my personal experience” Source

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