New World Leveling Guide – Fastest way to Level up your charactor

New World Leveling Guide: We all have been waiting for New World since a long time. The pirate theme is a refreshing departure from fantasy settings. You may feel the need to quickly level up to meet your competitors if you place more emphasis on PVP.

There are three stats available in New World. One is to improve your base character stats and one is for your weapon skills. The third is for trading skills. There are many ways to rank them quickly. However, it can be difficult to know how to do it without assistance.

We’re available to assist you once you have found a stable New World server. This guide will show you how to get XP for your character, trade skills, or weapon skills. This will allow you to explore the first MMO’s raids, also known as ‘expeditions’ in-game. Continue reading if you are looking to quickly level up so that you can take on New World Amrine Excavation.


You can spend a point on any of the five attributes when you level up. Leveling up gives you a total of 71% points. Equippable items give you points even if they’re not in use. You can also place jewels in the item socket slots to increase your attribute stats.

You should only put points in attributes that directly affect your attack method. You can boost the strength, magic by focus and ranged weapons’ dexterity attributes to increase melee weapons’ attacking power.

Below are the New World attributes, and what they mean for

  • Constitution: Increases base health
  • Dexterity – Increases base ranged weapon damage
  • Focus: Increase base mana, and decrease cooldown times
  • Intelligence – Increase base magic attack
  • Strength: Increase base melee weapon damage

New World Leveling Guide

These are our top New World leveling suggestions:

  • Whenever you Log off from New World, make sure you are in a settlement. You’ll receive a rest XP bonus when you return.
  • The Town Project Board is the best way to level up quickly. Sometimes you can complete quests by purchasing items from the town’s auction shop.
  • To get an XP bonus for any quest, you need to improve the standing of your town and increase the amount that you can earn in that area.
  • Side-quests can be completed along with the main quest. These can be completed along the route.
  • To gain XP or weapon mastery, you can hit a monster once another player is fighting it. You don’t have to grief them by getting XP or weapon mastery from other players.
  • Accepting up to 12 town missions per day is possible. This will provide you with plenty of XP and coins as well as settlement reputation.
  • You can earn XP by completing faction missions with the New World representative in each town. Faction missions are scaleable with your current region, so higher-level areas will give you more XP.
  • If there are Daily Bonuses in the faction board, you will get bonus XP when you complete faction quests (shown at top of screen when speaking to the representative of your faction).
  • You can travel quickly by finding fast travel destinations. To have more options for quick travel, you might consider buying a house in a different town than the one you signed up for.
  • You can also earn a small amount of general XP if you are leveling up your trade skills.
  • You can level up new world weapons separately from your character level. PVP fights are a great place to quickly gain experience and learn new skills.


Once you have reached a certain level, you can unlock new modes, quests and even item slots. These are the New World Leveling Rewards:

  • Level 5 – Second weapon slot and survivalist quest. (Camp tier upgrade).
  • Level 10 – Duels and the first bag slot
  • Level 15 – First house, third consumable slots, survivalist quest (camp Tier upgrade)
  • Level 20 – ring slot and main quest (Azoth Staff Tier one)
  • Level 25: fourth consumable slot and survivalist quest (camp tier upgrade)
  • Level 30 – Second bag slot and main story quest (Azoth Staff Tier two)
  • Level 35 – second house
  • Level 40 – earring slot (survivalist quest, camp tier upgrade) and main story quest (“Azoth Staff Tier three”)
  • Level 45 – Third bag slot
  • Level 50 – Invasions
  • Level 55 – Third house and survivalist quest (camp Tier upgrade)
  • Level 60 Outpost Rush

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The leveling rewards screen can give you an indication of the areas that you can travel safely to.

  • Level 5+ : Firstlight and Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Windsward, and Monarch’s Bluffs
  • Level 25+ – Brightwood and Cutlass Keys
  • Level 30+ Weaver’s Fen
  • Level 40+ – Restless Shore and Great Cleave
  • Level 45+ – Mourningdale
  • Level 50+ – Edengrove and Ebonscale
  • Level 60+ – Reekwater, Shattered Mountain


To increase your trade skill’s XP, you must perform a specific action. Crafting skills, for example, require that you use a local facility to create items. Refinement skills require you to transform raw materials into useful crafting items.

These trade skills are more advanced than those that can be gathered, which take time to increase after performing certain actions.


It takes a lot of resources to make new armour and weapons. You can get some of the materials back if you immediately salvage any equipment that you have made.

  • Weaponsmithing Make weapons at a forge
  • Armoring– Make armor at an outfitting station, or a forge
  • Engineering: Make any item that grants engineering in a workshop or forge
  • Jewelcraft – Make any amulets or other jewellery at an Outfitting Station
  • Arcana Craft items and potions in an arcane repository
  • Cooking– How to cook any ingredient or camp in a kitchen
  • Furnishing: Make any item that allows furnishing in a workshop


  • Smelting Turn ores into bars, or wood into charcoal in a smelter
  • Woodworking Turn green wood into planks in a woodshop
  • Leatherworking Turn rawhide into leather at a tanning plant
  • Weaving Turn fibres into linen using any loom
  • Stonecutting Turn mined minerals into blocks at stonecutting tables


You only need the basic flint/wood level-one tool to gather resources. However, crafting with iron or treated wooden will speed up the process. You should also keep in mind that the amount of XP that you gain for a gathering skill is reflected by the size of the resource that you collect. A thicker tree will give you more XP if it is chopped down than one with a smaller trunk. To increase the number of fish that bite, lures can be used with fishing poles. 

This is how to level up any New World gathering trade skill.

  • Logging Use a log axe to cut wood from trees
  • Mining– Use a mining pick for rock extraction
  • Fishing– Use a fishing rod to fish in any pond, river or coastal location
  • Harvesting: Gather certain herbs from any farm, land-based or other location
  • Tracking and Skinning – Kill any animal using a skinning blade

These are the trade skill level unlocks. You can also learn how to increase your trade skills in New World. To help you get started, PSN have a guide on how to play with your friends in New World.

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