How to get rid of boxelder bugs

What are Boxelder Bugs?

How to get rid of boxelder bugs: Boxelder bugs are an invasive species that have stubbornly refused to stay in their native range, newly found across the US and Canada. The North American distribution of this bug is rapidly growing, and they’ve been spotted as far away as Greece. Resembling a box elder tree seed, these winged insects have never been seen in such great numbers before.

They were accidentally introduced from Asia decades ago by way of a nursery or plant auction house. These pests will suck sap out of your plants; if they break off in your garden soil they can pollute vegetable patches with parasites or release disagreeable chemicals when crushed .

Separation of the two sexes is very important – males fly during the day and females prefer to stay underground – they may lay their eggs in your compost. They also don’t like light – a great way to kill them without directly touching them is to gather a bucket of water, put a handful of sliced lemons inside and let it sit overnight.

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How to get rid of boxelder bugs?

First remove any infested plants from your Garden. If you have been able to pinpoint the source of this invasion, you will need to treat your site using a systemic insecticide registered for controlling boxelder bugs. When these pests were first found in the 1990’s, they were successfully eradicated from the U.S. by way of a highly toxic injectable bait that was placed on trees.

There is no need to spray your whole garden for these bugs, just the affected trees and shrubs. If you do not have a tree in the yard, you can still use this method to rid your garden of boxelder bugs. Be careful when using this option -never place it where children or pets could reach it and make sure you follow all safety precautions listed on the container.

Now that you have eliminated your source of boxelder bugs, you can apply a household product containing an insecticide to the affected areas. These insecticides are available at any local store, but be very careful with applying them -applying them to the wrong area of affected crops could do great harm to your garden. Always read all necessary directions before application.

There are many more solutions that can be utilized to rid your garden of boxelder bugs without using chemicals. The most effective one begins by removing any infested trees and shrubs while also removing the dead branches on the dead trees. Using window screens on doors will prevent these bugs from entering your house.

Another method you can use to rid your garden of these bugs will be to remove the weeds around your home. They are known to crawl out of these gardens onto public areas, so keeping them away from inhabited areas can be helpful.

Always check all your home for any signs of these pests before they spread. Take care where you step, especially if it is dark outside -there are no guarantees that these bugs won’t hop on you.

So go ahead and get rid of boxelder bugs DIY . It is easy and safe at home. You don’t need to call someone or put poison into your house for pest insects control . Hope now you are clear on How to get rid of boxelder bugs.

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