Overwatch 2 Leaks NEW Multiplayer, NO Hero at Blizzcon

Overwatch 2 Leaks

There were some rumors about Overwatch 2 circulating in the society for a while. However, there wasn’t any trusted sources to confirm that this is true. Even our Papa jeff was very quiet in this matter. Well, today we have some Overwatch 2 leaks to discuss.

Yesterday Twitch Stream Metro Claimed that he has new information about what might happen during the Overwatch reveal at BlizzCon on November 1, 2019. Actually he was the one who leaked last years Blizzcon Stuff.

Overwatch 2 is real

Boom! Like that Metro confirmed that Overwatch sequel is happening! Further, he says that,

“Overwatch 2 is very much real and will be announced at Blizzcon after the short cinematic.”

Also, he says that his source is tied directly to a blizzard Dev. We are in dark who actually is this blizzard dev.

Overwatch Sequel will be PvE AND PvP.

Actually, for a while, all Overwatch players predicted that Overwatch 2 will have a Story mode that focuses on PvE. So in my opinion, if there is an Overwatch 2 PvE story mode will be there. Unlike seasonal events, we will be able to play PvE, CO-OP every day.

Check out Overwatch Horizon Break PvE Mode!

Further, he says that ” I don’t know if it will be a separate platform. If I were to guess, they will move everything in OW over. They might treat OW 2 as addon but change the entire branding to OW 2 for everything we have rn. “

Lot of Cinematic in Next Blizzcon

” The cinematic will feature alot of heroes, main ones being mei, tracer and winston with young genji appearing. Overwatch logo will appear, then the 2 is gonna be added at the very end. Crowd goes wild, Jeff gets on stage. (dont actually know about when Jeff will show up) ”

Overwatch 2 leveling System.

This might be a solution to smurfs. Maybe by implementing a leveling system they are trying to introduce loot later? wtf. For me, this is one of the scariest overwatch 2 leaks.

“Overwatch 2 is gonna have a leveling system that is gonna affect how you can play your hero.”

“The leveling system is gonna change certain abilities of the heroes in the game. I do not know if this feature is PvE only or also PvP. For example, there will be an upgrade/change to tracers pulsebomb that makes it so if you stick an opponent, all units close to the target that got stuck will also be stuck with a pulsebomb. “

No new heroes, No echo

Metro confirmed that there won’t be any new heroes released in this Blizzcon. Sorry to burst your bubble 🙁 We won’t see Echo anytime soon.

Why should I trust these Overwatch 2 Leaks?

Following are Metro’s words.

” For the people saying this is all fake and I just wanna mess with everyone or do this for attention: As I have said before, the source of the leaks this year is the same one that gave me all the details on Ashe last year. f you are not convinced about the twitter posts from a year back you can even go back 12 months in my twitch clips to see me talk about all of ashes abilities a week before BlizzCon. I have no reason to doubt my source after last year. if I’m still wrong flip me I guess. 🙂 “


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