Overwatch Ashe Guide 2021 With Deadly Combos

Overwatch Ashe Guide

Trying to carry your silver skills to diamond, Masters? Well, no offense try to reach platinum first, lol. jk. Following if our Overwatch Ashe Guide to make your self more satisfied with Ashe. Also, Ashe is my favorite pick in Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode. Don’t forget to check out our Ashe tips.

overwatch ashe guide
overwatch ashe guide


Simply put, Ashe is a DPS hero in Overwatch. He is considered as the female guider of the world-famous Deadlock Gang. (dude I’m talking about Overwatch world, not IRL) This means Ashe is on the bad site.

Ashe Born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Actually, her parents were highly reputed business consultants in the world. Due to the nature of the profession, her parents frequently traveled around the world. Hence Ashe didn’t had the attention she deserved. This might be one of the reasons behind her dark side. But on the other hand, she was often under the care of family’s omnic butler BOB.

Later Ashe met our cow boi Macree. They teamed up and did some bad things. They committed several crimes where Ashe found her true calling. With the help of other members, Ashe started the Deadlock gang.

Okay, we enough of Ashe’s history lets talk about her skills.


To talk Ashe, you need to learn Ashe!

The Viper

This is Ashe’s Primary fire. Ashe has a semi-automatic rifle at fire shot one after one. Or you can even use the aim-down sights for a high damaging, precise shot like the Widowmaker.

Overwatch Ashe Guide : Rifle
Ashe rifle
  • Damage : 20-40 (40 for Headshots)
  • Falloff range : 20 to 40 meters
  • Spread angle : Max: 1.85 degrees
  • Ammo : 13
  • Reload time : 0.5 seconds (initial animation)+0.25 seconds per bullet 3.5 seconds (Full reload animation)

  • Damage : 42.5 – 85 , 170 Headshot
  • Falloff range : 30 to 50 meters
  • Spread angle : Pinpoint
  • Movement speed : Reduced by 25%
  • Rate of fire : 1 shot per 0.7 seconds
  • Ammo : 12
  • Reload Time : 0.5 seconds (initial animation) +0.25 seconds per bullet 3.5 seconds (Full reload animation)


Ashe throws small dynamite that explodes after 5 seconds or instantly when damaged. The explosion from Dynamite also put enemies on fire, dealing average damage over time. According to my experience, Ashe’s Dynamite is the most powerful ability after bob. Dynamite can give you a huge boost to your ultimate generation. We will talk more about that later. Following are Ashe tips, Dynamite Damage stats.

ashe tips : dynamite
Ashe Dynamite
  • Explosion Damage: 30 – 75
  • Damage from Burn: 20 per sec/100
  • Projectile speed: 25 meters per second
  • Area of effect: 5 meter radius
  • Casting time: 2 Seconds
  • Duration: 5 Seconds
  • Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Coach Gun

Ashe’s Coach Gun is a powerful shotgun that can boop (Knock-back) enemies. As it has the capability of Knocking back her self, most players use coach gun to access high ground. Also, Ashe can blast her Dynamite using the Coach gun. Following are Coach gun facts.

ashe Coach gun
  • Damage: 6 damage per pellet | 15 pellets per shot| Max 90 damage per shot
  • Maximum range: 9.4 meters (self-knock back) (Varies with angle)
  • Cooldown: 10 Seconds


“Bob! Do something!” Ashe unleashes the BOB. Ashe calls out her trusted omnic butler with heavy guns, B.O.B., who runs forward and boop enemies into the air, then shoot the enemies like a torb turret. LOL. Following is Overwatch BOB damage.

Overwatch Ashe Guide : BOB
Ashe bob
  • Health: 1200
  • Charge Damage: 120
  • Arm Cannon Damage: 112 per second, 14 per bullet, 1092 overall
  • Charge speed: 15 Meters per sec.
  • Charge Range: Maximum 70 Meters, Minimum: your face.
  • Canon Range: 40 Meters
  • Rate of Fire: 8 bullets per sec.
  • Duration: 10 seconds

That is enough knowledge to begin other Overwatch Ashe guide. Let’s talk about how to use them properly.

Using The Rifle.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Hipfire

I’m talking about holding the left click without the sights. People always tend to use sights when Winston is near them. Just try to use Hipfire the closer enemies. For example, if there a Genji on your face you can blast a dynamite on him and use several hipfire shots to kill him. It is actually easy. Thing you must remember is even though it does only 40 damage per bullet you can shoot pretty fast which increases your damage output.

  • Aim Down Sites Fire mode is more Powerful.

However, you must keep in mind that there is falloff damage when you are shooting very far. Thing damage reduction is actually noticeable. That is why you shouldn’t always 1v1 a Widowmaker who setup very far. Just think while you are shooting several times a widow, Hanzo can kill you with a single headshot. Well, Ashe’s does 170 damage with headshot. But keep in mind that using aim sights reduces your movement speed. Why don’t you combine it with a 30 dmg melee attack?

For example, if a symmetra is coming at you, take a breath and try for 1 headshot with your sights. Then when see is on your face melee her. EZ, kill. Well, I won’t personally try this with Genji and tanks lol.

Oh, one last thing about the rifle. If you have the damage boost you can even 1 shot any 200 character.

Using The Dynamite.

Actually, Dynamite is the most powerful ability of Ashe. Burn damage alone does 100 damage, per person! What if you burn five players at a time? That will be 1000 damage in 5 seconds. Well unless they use heal packs and bubbles. This will contribute a huge portion of your ultimate. If you can handle the Dynamite Properly you can easily throw a bob every 40 seconds.

If blast the dynamite quickly you have to shoot it. The best thing is that you can even use your coach gun to blast it in a medium range.

Using the above combo not only damages the enemies that diving you, but also it will help you to run from it. Also, you can even use this combo for annoying Genji players. When a Genji is very near to you throw a dynamite and use coach gun immediately. Unless Genji uses health pack he will die. Because the damage done by both Coach gun and the Dynamite blast and burn. Due to this combo, Ashe can escape from almost every dive character. This is another perfect tips you can learn from our Overwatch Ashe guide.

Another Dynamite tip is to standing still when throwing the Dynamite and shooting it. Standing still makes easier for you to predict the path of the Dynamite and it improves your chance of hitting Dynamite at a perfect time. Also, keep in mind that Dva is capable of eating the Dynamite. Actually Dva is Ashe’s Hard counter. Finally, you should use Dynamite whenever it is available. Don’t wait for the “perfect moment” just use it at-least on one enemy.

Troll Ashe Tips: Don’t blow yourself with the Dynamite.

Using The Coach Gun

Just think about poor soldier and Macree, using their feet to go to high ground. Well, it is true that Soldier can sprint, but thinking again Ashe can access high ground with her coach gun within seconds. Ashe players can actually manipulate this coach gun ability and access places where others can’t.

Also, you should always combine melee attacks with Coach gun. For example, if there is a Genji near you always melee first and instantly blast coach gun on him. This is actually a considerably high damage. If you hit the Coach Gun correctly you will do at least 80 damage + 30 melee that’s 110! I hope you learned this for the first time from my Overwatch Ashe guide.

Using The BOB Ashe’s Ultimate.

Bob is insane. He can be always considered as another player. BOB can capture the point, move the payload, get nanoed and get bubbled. Supports can even heal him. Well if the enemy team has enough damage BOB even can be killed. Following are the best BOB uses.

  1. If the enemy team has no shields put the BOB in front of them when they are diving.
  2. If the enemy team has proper shields sneak and put BOB behind. Now Rein or other enemy shield has to choose between shielding front or back. It is a Win-Win situation.
  3. If you lose two teammates and enemy if rushing to the point simply you can put BOB and keep the balance.

Overwatch Ashe Guide: Ashe Kill Combos

Following are some ways to combo Ashe’s ability can kill solo kill an enemy.


In this combo, we are utilizing Ashe’s Hip fire and Scoped single headshot.


Well, Scoped Headshot does 170 damage. I wonder what will happen if we combo it with a melee.

Dynamite + HIP

Throw the Dynamite, blast it. Then shooting using non-Scoped Rifle.

Overwatch Ashe tips: Damage Boosted Combos

Ask your fellow mercy main to damage boost you. Then deliver deadly headshots like a pro you are.

  • Damage Boost + 1 ADS HS = 221 Dmg
  • Damage Boost + 2 HIP Shots
  • Damage Boost + Coach Gun Blast + HIP HS
  • Damage Boost + Dynamite Blast

I got these clips from a youtube channel (URL below) and attached them in my Overwatch Ashe guide.

5 Ashe Tips to improve your self.

  • You can kill a Discorded Roadhog with 2 ADS HS and a Melee.
  • You can cancel you reload with Hello emote which is fast than normal reload cancellation! (Detected by our Overwatch Ashe guide)
  • Ashe has an enormous hitbox!
  • Mei’s Cryo Freeze can block Ashe’s Dynamite.
  • If Widow can climb somewhere Ashe also able to do this.

This winds up our Overwatch Ashe Guide. Thank you. If you loved the article please share it among your friends. They might also love this! Look below tracer, she read the Ashe tips article. LUL.

thank you tracer

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