Don't blink filter for Instagram

Don’t blink filter is for all the Instagram users in the world. Using this lens you will be able to participate in don’t blink as much as you can ig challenge. By following this post you will be able to learn how to play don’t blink challenge on Instagram. Also, this will help you to create a nice don’t blink challenge ig story. This is a very good way to check whether you can survive a long staring contest. Trust me this challenge will help you to improve your staring capabilities. LOL! Also, check out the Which Harry Potter House are you Instagram filter.

What is don’t blink challenge instagram filter

Actually there is no need to explain about the don’t blink ig story challenge, since you may have already seen it on Instagram a lot! Basically this lens start a countdown. Actually it will open the selfie camera and if you blink below the countdown ends screen will become red. This means that you have failed don’t blink challenge.

Above video is what you can experience by using don’t blink lens. Pretty cool right? At a glance it might look easy, but when you start the countdown you will realize that it is very hard to keep up.

How to get don’t blink filter on Instagram?

Some people have personally asked me how to do the don’t blink challenge on Instagram. Some have asked me how to create a don’t blink story on Instagram. If you are one of those people please find the following guide.

In my opinion it is quite hard to find a direct method a use find filter in Instagram. However, by following the person who created the filter we are able to use those filter. So to use don’t blink filter,

1. Visit creator’s Instagram page. So in this step you have to visit user Wrudrow. You can either search the name on your Instagram app or click on above link to open creator’s page.

2.Scroll to left on the status (or lens) bar and find the following don’t blink filter icon. and Tap on it.

don't blink filter in  Instagram profile
don’t blink filter in Instagram profile

3. It will open the creator’s status with the filter. Now you have to tap on “View Effect” button in the bottom.

4.Now it will open you selfie camera. Show you face to it and you are good to go! And also you can easily save it as your status!

Well if you want to cheat the counter start using the filter your eyes closed! Let me know how it worked for you!

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