Instagram Trivia filter, Quiz me lense

Instagram Trivia filter is for everyone who is interested in questioning other people. According to google trends, this is the most popular Instagram lense since Gabber filter. Quiz me the filter is another game filter very similar to Which Harry Potter House Are you filter. Even though, the trivial filter was there for a long … Read more

Catfish Instagram Filter, Lil Icey Eyes Lens.

Catfish Instagram Filter for all the ig fans who are looking to add cat eyes to their face. People say that there are two meanings for this lens. Some people say that these lenses are used to catfish other people. (Using the filter to lure someone by a beautiful face). However, according to my research, … Read more

Blink at 6.000 seconds Instagram Filter

6 seconds instagram story challenge

Blink at 6.000 Seconds Instagram filter for all the people you are looking for challenge-based lenses on Instagram. By using this lens you will be able to do 6 seconds Instagram story challenge. Even though, this blink at the 6-second game Instagram filter I popular many people do not know how to properly unlock and … Read more

Don't blink filter for Instagram

how to play don't blink challenge on Instagram

Don’t blink filter is for all the Instagram users in the world. Using this lens you will be able to participate in don’t blink as much as you can ig challenge. By following this post you will be able to learn how to play don’t blink challenge on Instagram. Also, this will help you to … Read more