Indoor plants that repel spiders and have many uses.

Indoor plants that repel spiders all the people who are afraid of Spiders. Well, no need to be ashamed that you are afraid of spiders since it is a very common this in the world. Even though, you are not afraid of spiders it is always good to keep spiders away from your garden. Since they have hurt your plants. I have posted a list of reasons why you should repel spiders in your garden later on this page.

Indoor plants that repel spiders

Following is the list of indoor plants that repel spiders.

1. Peppermint

peppermint indoor plants that repel spiders
peppermint indoor plants that repel spiders

Most often peppermint I used to produce Spider Repellent sprays. According to researches mentioned in the US national library of Medicine mint oil strongly repelled many kinds of spiders. (Reference: This is because of the heavy smell of the mint. So there is no surprise of using peppermint plants as spider repellents.

Using a peppermint plant will not only help you with spiders but also it will add a nice smell to your home or office. Actually, for humans, this smell is not too heavy which makes it nice mint perfume. Also if you plant properly peppermint plants are quite attractive. I suggest you to try planting it on a teapot like in the above image. But make sure it has a good drainage system. Also, it is better to find a good quality potting mix.

Growing a peppermint plant is very easy. It does not need frequent grooming. Just use a pot like above and keep it near a window, so sunlight can hit (Indirect sunlight) the plant. Try to maintain an indoor temperature of 19-22 C while the sun is up and 15 C at night. Don’t forget to re-pot or trim the plant when it is growing. Also, you can replant the trimmed parts so the mint smell will be everywhere. That way your newest spider repellent can cover your whole indoor.

The best thing is that you can even use the mint leaves for your day to day use. Why won’t you make an awesome Mint Tea by using your indoor peppermint plant? Those are very healthy.

2. Basil

Do Basil plants repel spiders
Do Basil plants repel spiders?

Basil is the next plant in our Indoor plants that repel spiders. Is it said that Basil is one of the best natural spider repellent. This is because of its aromatic volatile essential oils. Even though Basil is native to Central Africa we can grow them almost anywhere. However, there should be at least 4 hours of sun per day.

Well, this means that Basil is one of the most convenient plants to grow indoors. It is said that Basil can grow even in less light scenarios. However, you will need to use a fluorescent bulb to provide the energy they require. Also, it is a must to keep the plant always moist. It needs to be misted regularly. Try to keep your Basil plant around 20 C.

You can use a small pot to grow your next spider repellent plant. You can get a pot like in the above image. However, you might have to change the pot when the Basil plant is growing. Well, don’t forget that you can consume the leaves. Everyone loves to put some Bails in their Soups, Salads, Pizzas, etc. I would say by growing the Basil plant you can not only repel spider and pests but also you can use it as a condiment or a sauce. The following article includes some perfect ways to use Basil leaves.

3. Lavender

Lavender plants repel spiders indoors
Lavender plants repel spiders indoors

Lavender, the flower that everyone loves but spiders hate. Even though, the Lavender smell is very pleasant for human spiders hate it a lot. That fragrance scent actually works as a spider repellent.

Well, it is not that easy to grow Lavender indoors. The issue is that the plant needs a perfect airflow. So when growing this plant you have to make sure you are planting it in a bit open space, not in a compact place like under stairs. Also, you might have to keep a window open to keep the air circulating in the room. Also if you are in a region where there is winter, you have to make sure you find a way to provide light during the winter. To do this you can use grow light.

Another problem that you might face when growing lavender indoor is finding a pot to plant it. While there is no perfect solution since Lavender can outgrow the pot very quickly. However, you can try trimming the plant or spiting large plants into many pots.

Other than using Lavender as one of the Indoor plants that repel spiders we all know it is a very beautiful flow. So you can use them to decorate your indoors. Most importantly you can sell them. Trust me, lavender flowers have considerable value on the flower market. Also if you like DIY stuff you can try to make Lavender oil. Lavender oil helps to reduce your dryness of the skin while reducing acne.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm as spider Repellent
Lemon Balm as spider Repellent

I pretty sure you might know Lemon Balm as a type or herbal tea or as a medicine. This plant is actually from the mint family. It has the same mint aroma as the peppermint plant. That’s why it is one of the Indoor plants that repel spiders. While the plant is doing its job as a spider repellent you can use Lemon Balm leaves as medicine. It is said that these leaves can help people with insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Actually, these leaves have chemicals that are used as sedatives to calm people.

Similar to Peppermint this plant is also very easy to grow and manage indoors. The best thing about this plant is that it doesn’t even need direct sunlight to thrive. So if you think you don’t have enough sunlight inside your house you can give Lemon Balm a chance. But you have to be careful when watering the plant. Make sure the soil is drained well before watering again. If you see any flowers blooming make sure you cut them off since it can actually reduce the aromatic scent of the plant. Since the spider repellent effect depends on the aromatic quality of this indoor plant make sure you immediately remove any flowers.

On the other hand, according to me, the Lemon Balm plant can be used as a decorative plant. Its leaves have a shining effect. So if you manage and position it correctly this plant can improve the beauty of your house.

5. Chrysanthemum

spider repellent plant Chrysanthemum
spider repellent plant Chrysanthemum

In case you didn’t know this is the flower which is known as “mums”. Chrysanthemum one of the prettiest flowers in the world that blooms in autumn. Even though there is a type of Chrysanthemum named a Spider Mums, spiders actually hate this flower. It is due as these flowers contain the spider repelling component named as pyrethrins. Actually we can find this chemical in many pesticides in the market. They have negative effects on spiders and other pests. So let your mums guard your house from spiders. 😀

It is said that you should always plant Chrysanthemums during summer. This will give your plant to adapt to new environment. These plants can survive on many types of soil. However, always try to use well-draining soil. Also, keep in mind that this spider repellent indoor plant required six hours of sunlight to thrive in its environment.

Most of the time mums grow up to 2-3 feet in size. This means that you might need a container more than 12 inches wide for the best support. Consider this when selecting a pot to plant your Chrysanthemums. Trust me with proper sunlight (coming from a widow) you can easily grow these plants indoors.

6. Rosemary

what kind of plants repel spiders rosemary
what kind of plants repel spiders rosemary

Rosemary is considered as one of the most aromatic and pungent herbs in the world. While this scent is nice to humans spiders really hate. They actually tend to run away from the Rosemary leave a smell.

Other than being a spider repellent, rosemary can be used as a herb and a medicine. When it comes to cooking it is said that rosemary has a lemon-pine flavor. Most often people consume its leaves with roasted lamb, roasted chicken and also with pork. One of my favorite dishes to make using of Rosemary is Walnut and Rosemary Oven Friend chicken. This is actually a really simple recipe. You just have to add rosemary leaves to your chicken seasoning before putting that in the oven.

As I mentioned Rosemary can also be used as a medicine. Actually oil extracted from the plant is used as the medicine. It helps with digestion problems, cough and blood pressure. So it is very useful to have a Rosemary plant indoors since it not only repel spiders but also it is a medicine.

Growing rosemary is very easy when compared with other plants on the list. Being a vert small plant it is very easy to manage indoors. Also, this plant can survive in most of the conditions. But make sure you do not expose the plant to very low temperatures. Also, don’t forget to set up your plant where there are high spider activity.

Extra tips to get rid of spiders

Other than using plants to control spiders in your home there are many effective ways to get the job done.

  1. Vacuum Spider webs. Well, this is the easiest way to get rid of spiders if you only have few of them living with you 😀
  2. Using pesticides. Even though I’m against harming spiders, pesticides can quickly get rid of spiders. However please keep in your mind that spiders are not a harmful species. (Only two types of spiders are poisonous to humans)
  3. Spray peppermint oil. Well, this is actually similar to having a peppermint plant indoors.
  4. Using Vinegar. Again vinegar can actually kill spiders. So my advice is to keep small dishes on vinegar around your home. Spiders hate vinegar smell.

Are spiders poisonous?

Actually there are only two main species of spiders which are harmful to human. They are The Black Widow and Brown Recluse. It is true that some other spider species can bite people. But they are not harmful bites. The maximum you will be itching for a while. So other than that spiders aren’t dangerous to humans.

Also keep in mind that spiders actually help you to reduce other pests living in your house. So don’t always think negatively about them. Keep a healthy relationship LOL.

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