How to get perfect couple filter on Instagram & Tiktok

perfect couple instagram filter

We all know that using filters on Instagram is always is awesome. These days almost all the users are using these lenses to improve their shots. Especially since Instagram allows users to create and add new filters creators are going crazy! Currently, there are so many filters available on Instagram. Recently we shared who is … Read more

Best apps for learning Spanish like a Boss (100% Free)

best free apps for learning spanish

Looking for Best apps for learning Spanish? you are in the right place! At some point in our life, we get this urge to learn a new language. Due to its popularity, so many people prefer to learn Spanish among other languages. Also, keep in mind that Spanish is sound very unique and quite nice. … Read more

Doublicat app, Easy Face Swap

Doublicat app is the perfect alternative for the face swap app. As the name suggests using this app you are able to realistically swap your face in GIFs. This app utilizes deepfake technology to change faces very easily. If you use this software you won’t need to use photoshop or any other editing software to … Read more

Night sky app for iOS and Android

Night sky app is the best planetarium for your Android device available right now. Simply put this app allows you to create your own beautiful personal planetarium! Trust me, this is cooler than it sounds. This app was released by iCandi Apps on Mar 26, 2020. This app is totally free. However additional features can … Read more

Clipit app, Make money by reviewing products!

clipit app

Clipit app is for everyone who wants to make some quick cash by reviewing products. This app was released on July 21, 2019, by publisher Clipit App S.L. Recently this app became viral after several tweets published by famous YouTubers. However, still, people are confused about this app. That’s why I decided to write this … Read more

Randonaut app, What is it? How to use it?

Randonautica App

Randonaut app is for everyone who loves to step into the unknown. Well, in this case, the unknown are the places you have not visited before. Actually it is very hard to understand what is the concept behind this app. However, after some research, I was able to figure out what is Randonauting, how to … Read more

How to put the bear voice on Snapchat

How to put the bear voice on Snapchat

Want to know How to put the bear voice on Snapchat? Well you are in the right place! Snapchat is very useful to send out quick Snaps to your friends and family. This is one of the main reasons why I still love this app. Did you know that these snaps only last for less … Read more