Voyager Digital app: Earn 100 Dollars from Mark Cuban

Voyager Digital app Earn 100 Dollars from Mark Cuban

Voyager Digital app is a software that you can use to trade crypto seamlessly. According to them, you can Download Voyager Sign up for a free account within minutes, and then trade in crypto. Voyager is a simple and secure method to invest in 60+ cryptocurrencies and earn as much as 12 percent annually.┬áSell and … Read more

Fireguard App – What is it? How to get it?

Firguard App: Simply put this app help you to Track Wildfires in your Area. What is a Wild Fire? Wild Fire is An unplanned, unwanted, uncontrolled fire in an area of fuel vegetation starting in rural and urban areas is a wildfire, bush fire, wildland fire or rural fire. The type of vegetation available also … Read more

Clapper app for iPhone and Android

Clapper App for Android and iPhone

Clapper App is another great alternative for TikTok. It is no secret that video base social networking apps are becoming more popular every day. However due to TikTok’s ban in USA this new app is taking its place as the most favorite alternative in USA. What is Clapper App? Clapper is the fastest-spreading video sharing … Read more

How to Fix Cash App Negative Balance?

cash app negative balance

It is not very common to have a Negative Balance in your Cash App account. This is mainly because, cash app does not allow you to overdraft yourself. However, there are instances that this situation happens. First of all lets discuss what are the scenario you might ended up with minus balance in Cash App. … Read more

Avatarify App For iPhone and Android

avatarify app samsung

Avatarify App is another awesome app that will let you to be anyone who you love. For example, you can even become Monalisa. This is really amazing! What is Avatarify App? This app was released to the world by the company “Avatarify, Inc.” To be honest this app is one of a kind. As I … Read more

How to get Red filter (VIN ROUGE) on snapchat

Red filter on Snapchat is one of the trending terms these days. Many people are currently searching for it specially to do the Silhouette Challenge. In this tutorial I will show you how to easily get VIN ROUGE filter AKA the red filter on Snapchat. What is Red Filter in Snapchat? I hope you guys … Read more

Elf cam app, How to get Santa Spy Cam?

Elf cam app, Santa Spy Cam

Christmas is almost here. So you better have your Elf cam app ready to catch Santas at work. Yea! you read correctly, using this app you will be able to catch Elves aka who are working for Santa! What is Elf Cam App? Normally, most of the kids stay up till 12 midnight to catch … Read more