what ssb filter is for sub side of ft-101d?

The FTDX101D is built to link the Amateur operating frequencies to a resistive impedance antenna of 50 Ohm. Find a appropriate antenna (dipole antenna, YAGI antenna, cubical quad antenna, etc.) fit for the specified service and bands. Construct the antenna and coaxial cable, or use an appropriate antenna tuner to maintain the impedance presented to … Read more

Youtube app no longer shared issue fix

Youtube app no longer shared

So today I was trying to open my youtube app usual. As you guys know I own an iPhone 7. So I click on the youtube-icon and suddenly I got an error saying “Youtube app no longer shared”. Well, I tried to open the app again this time the same error with different words lol. … Read more

Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments (Updated 2020)

Minecraft Best Bow Enchantments post is for all MC players who are looking to improve their gameplay. The following are the Top 7 Bow customizations. Bows are the initially ranged weaponry in Minecraft. Bows with its charms are powerful facing single targets, while the Crossbow enchantments affect many victims. Bows remained intentionally left fixed in … Read more