Overwatch 2 Leaks NEW Multiplayer, NO Hero at Blizzcon

overwatch 2 leaks

Overwatch 2 Leaks There were some rumors about Overwatch 2 circulating in the society for a while. However, there wasn’t any trusted sources to confirm that this is true. Even our Papa jeff was very quiet in this matter. Well, today we have some Overwatch 2 leaks to discuss. Yesterday Twitch Stream Metro Claimed that … Read more

Overwatch Console Settings 2020 Including Aim Assist

overwatch console settings

This post is for all the Overwatch Console settings. Well if you are a PC player I suggest you to find our detailed Best Overwatch Settings page. I won’t bore you with detailed content. Just find all the Overwatch settings for Xbox & PS including aim assist below. I collected the following information from player … Read more

Dafran Overwatch Settings October 2019

Dafran Overwatch Settings

Quick Info on Dafran Before moving to Dafran Overwatch Settings lets have a quick info on Dafran. Daniel “dafran” Francesca is a Danish player played for Selfless Gaming at first. Nowadays he is with the Atlanta Reign as a streamer. If you are interested in his personal profile scroll down. If you are looking for … Read more

Overwatch Ashe Guide 2019 With Deadly Combos

overwatch ashe guide

Overwatch Ashe Guide Trying to carry your silver skills to diamond, Masters? Well, no offense try to reach platinum first, lol. jk. Following if our Overwatch Ashe Guide to make your self more satisfied with Ashe. Also, Ashe is my favorite pick in Overwatch Zombie Horde Mode. Don’t forget to check out our Ashe tips. … Read more

Fitzyhere Overwatch Settings October 2019

FitzyHere Overwatch Settings

FitzyHere Overwatch Settings In this post I will be discussing FitzyHere Overwatch Settings. Fitzy started his gaming carrer from Starcraft and Dota. In 2012 he played for a team called Root-Gaming and he played Starcraft 2. However, now he is only playing Overwatch, Fitzyhere mains Sombra and Mei. He decided to be a Full time … Read more

Overwatch text generator and meme generator

Overwatch text generator Our Overwatch text generator is better viewed on PC. If you are using a mobile device to browse this page I suggest you to come back on your desktop. Actually this is Overwatch menu text generator. I’m using bignoodletoo font in case you are wondering. Also I have tutorial to make your … Read more

Surefour Overwatch Settings Latest

Surefour Overwatch Settings

Surefour Overwatch Settings Latest Hey Welcome! its me again 😀 . This post will be daily updated with latest surefour overwatch settings. His real name is Lane “Surefour” Roberts. Currently Surefour is playing for Los Angeles Gladiators. If you are interested in his personal profile scroll down. If you are looking for pro overwatch settings … Read more

Best Overwatch Settings For PC

best overwatch settings for pc

Best Overwatch Settings For PC Introduction While ago I was looking for best Overwatch Settings for my PC. That time I was playing Overwatch at 23 fps. Well I only played torb then. So my turret did the most. After going through some articles I figured out that I was Playing Overwatch with wrong setting … Read more