Airy Shadows Filter: Golden Hour Snapchat lens

Airy Shadows Filter

Airy Shadows Filter: Make perfect airy background photo using newly released airy shadows Snapchat lens. Since many people searching for this lens I decided to release a full guide on How to take golden hour photos on using Airy Shadows App. Right now Airy Shadows lens is trending on the internet. One more thing, Did … Read more

Top 10 Scary Snapchat Lenses

scary snapchat lenses

Snapchat is adding users to its database every day. Currently, there are 203 million active daily users (Statista, 2019). If you are visiting this that that means you are one of them. No doubt, it is true that Snapchat Lenses and filters contribute a lot to its success. For example there a many people who are … Read more

Minecraft Snapchat filter: Block Builder Lens

Minecraft Snapchat Filter

Minecraft Snapchat filter: is for all the Minecraft lovers. Simply put, this Snapchat lens will let you drag and drop Minecraft blocks on your photos. Since this lens went viral among gamers I decided to make a guide on how to put building blocks on Snapchat Photos. What is Minecraft filter in Snapchat? It is … Read more

Snapchat Anime Face Lens & Filter

Snapchat Anime Face lens

Snapchat Anime Face Lens & Filter is for all the anime fans in the world. This anime face lens will convert your face into a beautiful/ handsome anime face. You will even have your own anime eyes. Hence this is also known as anime eyes lense. It will even make screaming signs when you open … Read more

Spider Filter App : Snapchat Spider Face Filter

Spider Filter app for snapchat

Spider Filter App: Make your friends scream with the newly released Snapchat Crawling Face App. Since many people are scared of Spiders I decided to release a full guide on How to Crawl Spider on Face using Spider Filter App. Right now snapchat spider filter is the trending on the internet. What is Spider Filter … Read more